Sales Coaching

Sales coaching is the art and science of helping reps uncover and improve the weaknesses in their selling.

Weaknesses in reps can be qualitative and quantitative: managers have to keep a close eye on performance during calls alongside the volume of activities executed.

To execute sales coaching effectively, managers need to observe sales calls, spot coachable moments and execute meaningful training sessions.

A key aspect of sales coaching is onboarding new reps and ramping their skills up to hit quotas in three months or less.

As your sales team grows larger, listening to hundreds of calls and identifying weaknesses becomes impossible to do at scale.

That’s where a sales coaching platform becomes indispensable - to record calls, create snippets covering key moments, spotlight how reps listen to buyers, the patience displayed on calls, the topics discussed, overall conversation themes, and how they handle objections. This helps new reps ramp up to 40% faster, while experienced reps learn how to iron out weaknesses stopping them from consistently beating targets.

At the same time, the best sales coaching platforms also flag productivity lags alongside drops in CRM hygiene so managers can keep reps accountable for milestones they need to achieve in order to hit targets

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