FRI OCT 21 2022

How To Coach Reps Effectively Using Conversational Intelligence

by Bithika Bishesh

Coaching a sales team is critical to ensuring that reps can work independently, perform better, and remain motivated to achieve their goals. As per a report by Gartner, effective sales coaching can improve sales performance by 8%.

With B2B selling becoming more virtual, sales reps have also been seeking help from their managers to improve their selling capabilities — 58% of sales reps said they need dedicated sales coaching to overcome the challenges of hybrid selling.

But for coaching effectively in a hybrid selling environment, sales managers need to identify the skills that lead to success and the methods that are still relevant.

Challenges with Coaching Reps

Have you ever wondered why Jason on your sales team crushes quota every quarter while Roger lags on the leaderboard? What does your team do on every sales call? Do they stick to your playbook and execute the right actions on every deal? What is the relationship that they have with their buyers?

Monitoring your reps’ sales conversations is important to frame a post-call coaching strategy and decide what is or isn’t working to get the best out of your sales team.

But when performance issues differ by rep and sales task, how do you ensure that every rep on your team is set up for success? And how do you possibly get the time to go through tons of call recordings to look for answers and provide the necessary help? 

This is where Aviso’s conversational intelligence comes in.

Using Conversation Insights to Enable Sales Coaching

To implement a sales enablement strategy effectively in your GTM organization, you will need a robust learning and coaching process. As a sales leader, you will need to monitor your team’s activities and jump in when necessary with the required coaching sessions. Annual training programs are a thing of the past; continuous, need-based coaching will make your sales teams more successful.

Conversational intelligence can help revenue leaders improve their team's efficiency and performance by generating coaching insights and recommendations after every call. 

Rep Coaching Using Aviso’s Conversational Intelligence

Aviso leverages NLP and deep learning models to provide critical guidance to reps live during the call as well as post the call. While real-time coaching can provide important insights to reps in real-time, post-call coaching insights can be leveraged by sales managers to identify skill gaps and coach reps for long-term behavior modification. This, in turn, improves the overall quality of services delivered to consumers. 

Aviso generates post-call coaching insights to help sales managers build a sales coaching culture that wins quarter after quarter.

After every call, Aviso generates a set of important conversational intelligence metrics that lets you monitor your rep’s performance against different benchmarks compared to other team members. This ensures your sales reps get continuous feedback and the right guidance to show stellar performance.

You can also do a historical analysis to see how the performance of a particular rep has evolved over time and identify the past successful behaviors of a rep.

Aviso’s CI Metrics to Track Rep Performance

These metrics help in understanding why a particular rep has a high or low success rate. For instance, a low-performing rep’s metrics can have a very high talk ratio indicating that they are asking very few questions and not letting the buyers talk. Maybe they are using long monologues, ultimately losing the customer’s attention. 

Managers can compare these conversation metrics against those of the top-performing reps and identify behaviors or skills to coach based on the needs of each rep.

Aviso’s CI Leaderboard For Rep Performance Comparison

So, how do you identify the most successful salesperson(s)? It is based on several KPIs that lead to a high win rate — how many deals are they closing, how well are they able to close the deal, how early or timely are they closing deals, etc.?

It is also possible that the kind of customers or industries the champion deals with is different from other reps. In such cases, you can look at the historical analysis of the rep's behavior to mine patterns and look for what has worked for him in the past.

With Aviso’s conversational intelligence, managers can get access to all these insights at their fingertips to tailor their coaching and engage with their team better. 

Once you spot a coachable moment, Aviso pulls up a coaching room where all relevant assets lie waiting for you to execute meaningful 1:1s at scale in a single click. Our purpose-built coaching rooms allow you to guide reps individually backed by performance insights such as sales efficiency, CRM Hygiene, and relationship grades. These rooms are equipped with video chat, file sharing, embedded conversational intelligence, and other collaboration features to aid communication. 

Additionally, you can also get specific coaching and playbook recommendations based on winning practices drawn from the entire business. 

Benefits of Aviso’s AI-Based Sales Coaching Platform

Aviso’s conversational intelligence can generate insights that help you coach better and drive performance improvement. Here are some benefits of leveraging Aviso’s conversational intelligence for team coaching.

Benefits of Aviso’s AI-Based Sales Coaching Platform

  • Get the call gist: Aviso’s AI-driven SmartTranscripts help you quickly understand how discussions truly went and get the gist of critical items discussed, questions raised, and next steps without having to go through the entire call. This gives insights into seller performance during calls and helps managers spot coachable moments.
  • Analyze buyer engagement: Understand the true nature of rep-buyer relationships in every deal through the number of calls set up per deal, decision-maker engagement level, and overall call sentiment, so you know how the call truly went without the rep’s bias.
  • Get an outline of team performance: Measure reps based on any metric to differentiate leading and lagging reps and compare their current performance to previous quarters.
  • Identify successful rep’s strategy: Get NLP-based insights to see what top reps do on every call. Use Aviso’s NLP-based coaching analytics to understand what top reps do differently from the rest and build excellence across the board.
  • Clone top 10% sellers: Replicate the tactics top sellers use across the whole team and help every member of your team succeed with AI-driven playbook recommendations. 


Aviso generates conversational insights that allow managers to drive sales readiness in reps by identifying the areas of improvement and coaching the reps the way sports coaches do: play-by-play with persona-based "nudges" along the way.

Learn more about Aviso’s AI-Guided sales coaching model, or contact us today to see how we can help you and your team drive sales readiness.