WED SEP 21 2022

Enhance Customer Interactions With Real-Time Call Guidance

by Bithika Bishesh

Imagine you're on a sales call, and you're asked a question concerning your product or the prices of your competitors, and you have no idea what to say.

If you think the solution to this lies in memorizing every detail about your products, competitors, and pricing before you start selling, here’s an interesting statistic —

“B2B sales reps forget 70% of the information they learn within a week of training, and 87% will forget it within a month." 

And, of course, shuffling through tons of pages during a call to find the correct response is not the best way to go about it either.

This is why you need to equip yourself with real-time call guidance! 

Real-Time Call Guidance

With real-time guidance during the call, you are able to improve customer interactions significantly by spending less time searching and more time handling objections and selling your product or service.

Real-time call guidance is the process of sending AI-generated context-based alerts as the call is happening to ensure that you get just the right response to seal the deal.

This ensures you have what you need live on the call or demo, not after (you would probably lose the opportunity by then)! 

Here’s how Aviso helps sales teams close deals faster with real-time sales guidance powered by conversational intelligence.

Active Listening Using Aviso’s AI

No more saying the wrong things in make-or-break moments!

Aviso listens to calls in real time to identify whether the responses are aligned with the overall objective of the call. By listening to calls in real time, Aviso’s AI can identify the trigger points and predict when reps would need help. 

It’s like you have a coach right there with you on every single call!

With active listening, our AI

  • Keeps a Tab on Trackers: Aviso keeps a tab on the predefined keywords and sends appropriate on-screen notifications when that keyword is spoken during the call. Keywords spoken in live speech trigger recommended responses for reps. 
  • Keeps a Tab on Phrases and Aspects: We all know what reps should be saying in a call, but are they actually doing it? Our AI tracks the talking points you need in a sales pitch — phrases and product-related aspects — to close the deal successfully. This ensures that every qualifying question & relevant story is delivered to prevent any roadblocks in trying to move the prospect through the pipeline.

Empowering Sellers With Aviso’s Real-Time Guidance

Aviso’s real-time call guidance empowers reps to say the right thing on every call and handle any objections thrown their way confidently. Here’s how Aviso guides reps to success with real-time intelligence:

1) Analyze Calls in Real Time: Aviso’s AI-powered conversational intelligence takes only a few seconds to process and transcribe a call — no more waiting for it to be analyzed. With Aviso’s transcripts that accurately capture the sales conversation as it happens, you can track key moments and get call highlights. This ensures that you stay focused on the customer, not on taking notes.

Aviso’s Live Transcription

Key call metrics and deal details provide additional context while the next steps are automatically captured to increase user productivity. 

Aviso’s Real-Time Deal Details and Next Steps

2) Get Contextual Checklist: Aviso reminds you of your call flow so that you can stay on track and navigate the conversations better. Our AI generates a context-based checklist in the form of pop-ups to ensure the right message is sent out to your customers. Configurable checklists automatically track topics covered on the call and check them off as you mention them.

Aviso’s Context-Based Checklist

3) Receive Recommend Responses with Best Practices: Aviso helps you handle questions related to competitors and objections related to product or service, and elevate the discussion towards closure without breaking a sweat. Aviso’s AI provides real-time recommendations on what to say or how to respond to the query or objections raised in the call. For example, when a prospect mentions a specific competitor, Aviso can automatically provide your rep with the relevant battle card to tackle that situation. 

Aviso’s Recommended Responses

Aviso leverages natural language processing and AI to understand your buyers’ sentiments during a live call and analyze their facial expressions, gestures, and voice to identify the underlying emotions in real time. Our AI continually learns what works best and what doesn’t, based on the buyer or prospect’s behavior during the live call to provide cues and key insights.

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