THU OCT 13 2022

Optimize Virtual Collaboration With Aviso’s Digital Rooms

by Bithika Bishesh

Virtual selling is here to stay!

According to the latest McKinsey research, hybrid selling is expected to be the most dominant sales strategy by 2024. While sellers want flexibility in how they work, buyers are also becoming more comfortable with the virtual model. In fact, two-thirds of buyers prefer virtual interactions to in-person meetings in different stages of the purchasing journey.

So while an increasing number of companies are choosing virtual selling in the post-pandemic disruptive environment, they realize the challenges it comes with.

And the biggest challenge is collaboration!

Read on to discover how you can help your teams to collaborate seamlessly, generate revenue, and thrive in the new normal of virtual selling.

The Need for Digital Rooms

Sales reps have a pressing need to strengthen their relationship with customers. On the other hand, managers are struggling to identify the skill gaps to coach their reps accordingly. These challenges make revenue leaders increasingly concerned about the efficiency of tools and technology out there for virtual selling.

Sales teams need a digital collaboration room that can provide them with an integrated and secure workspace where they can efficiently collaborate in a virtual set-up.

But if you look at the tools available in the market for the sales team — Webex, Zoom, MS Teams, etc. — you can see that most of these tools were never even built for the sales teams in the first place. They were actually built for engineers and others to collaborate with each other across the globe.

This is where Aviso’s digital rooms come into play. Aviso leverages artificial intelligence to supercharge collaboration within sales teams on all levels of the revenue cycle.

Aviso’s Digital WarRooms

Closing deals remotely needs the best of AI and human capabilities. Aviso's innovative WarRooms are secure, easy-to-use rooms that bring together AI and team-wide collaboration. They are goal-oriented workspaces for deal, forecast, and coaching purposes.

Deal Rooms: Aviso deal rooms are a unified location for all deal-specific conversations, strategies, and assets. With deal rooms, sales organizations can stay in the loop about the latest conversations surrounding the deal activity and get AI insights.

Aviso AI Deal Rooms

Forecast Rooms: Aviso’s forecast rooms are purpose-built spaces to help Operations, Strategy, and Field team members align around Monday morning forecasts and weekly deal reviews. In these digital rooms, teams can access forecast-related AI insights specific to regional, product, or other business pivots.

Aviso AI Forecast Rooms

Coaching Rooms: Aviso’s coaching rooms provide a streamlined space for managers and reps to collaborate remotely with high efficiency.

Aviso AI Coaching Rooms

Features of Aviso’s Digital WarRooms

Aviso’s dedicated Digital WarRooms support remote teams and drive immediate return on investment. Here are some of the features of Digital WarRooms that help accelerate guided selling.


AI-Infused Deal Insights: Digital WarRooms generates AI insights to drive the next-best actions for deals. Get deal-specific insights such as WinScore showing the probability of the deal closing in the quarter, factors affecting whether the deal will close, discount to be offered to a customer, close date of an opportunity, and product recommendations.

Deal Artifacts: Digital WarRooms contain all deal-specific assets organized and are accessible by all members of the rooms. These assets can include Statements of Work, marketing collateral, NDAs, Close Plans, or Campaign or Engagement Plans. They also generate AI-driven SmartTranscripts that provide the details of every call, including key metrics and follow-up steps.

Collaborations Tools: Digital WarRooms digitize collaboration with tools like file sharing, at-mentions, to-dos, e-signature, etc. They additionally include different document types, including notes, whiteboards, screenshots, audio, video clips, and other files related to the deal. 

Individualized Rep Scorecards: Digital coaching rooms include sales rep scorecards, which outline a rep’s overall performance in relation to their actions, such as closing deals and building relationships with key account stakeholders. Managers can easily access these comprehensive analyses and tailor their coaching accordingly.

Benefits of Aviso’s Digital WarRooms

Aviso’s digital rooms provide a unified location for deal-specific or ad-hoc conversations, helping reps conduct their business from a single platform.

Here’s how these collaboration rooms meet the needs of the hybrid or fully remote revenue teams.

Provides a purpose-built collaboration space: Aviso provides a purpose-built space specifically designed to keep revenue teams in one place rather than taking them across multiple tools, thereby losing attention, contacts, and data. Digital WarRooms are dedicated spaces for conversations related to deals, forecasts, and coaching and provide visibility into all sales-related discussions in a single place.

Provides historical details: Workplace communication occurs through various channels, including emails, chats, and phone calls. This results in information silos, making it challenging to collaborate and share knowledge. Digital WarRooms contain an archive of forecast and deal review calls, thus providing all the historical details related to the deal. This helps in understanding the context and making informed decisions quickly without having to track down the information.

Brings transparency and efficiency: By facilitating communication between different team members, Digital WarRooms get work done faster, more efficiently, and in a transparent manner. Having deal-specific assets organized in one place maximizes productivity and accountability on an individual and team level, leading to faster deal movement. 

Drives rep performance and team actions: Sales managers can use these rooms to coach their reps on the next steps to improve performance using the rep activity intelligence. This helps managers to identify winning plays, transfer them across their entire team, and turn every rep into a rockstar.

Generates real-time notifications: Sales leaders can have real-time information on all aspects of their pipeline at their fingertips, directing their teams to work on the right deals and make appropriate adjustments to meet their targets consistently.


Collaboration is an integral component of a fully functional and productive sales team, and collaboration in a hybrid set-up has its own set of unique pains. In a world of free Zoom and Slack accounts, it may seem counter-intuitive to seek out additional tools or capabilities. However, sales and deal collaboration via Aviso AI is a lot more than just live meetings and chats. At its simplest, it is a mode of communication between parties. At its finest, it creates an intricate web of signaling between team members, external agencies, stakeholders, and customers in order to achieve goals.

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