WED JUN 17 2020

Collaboration with Digital WarRooms

by Amit Pande

The Challenge with Sales Collaboration: While collaboration is an integral component of a fully functional and productive sales team, it is a hard problem to solve. Yes, in a world of free Zoom and Slack accounts, it may seem counter-intuitive to seek out additional tools or capabilities. However, at Aviso AI, sales and deal collaboration is a lot more than just live meetings and chat. At its simplest, virtual collaboration is communication between parties. At its finest, virtual collaboration is an intricate web of signaling between team members, external agencies, stakeholders, and customers in order to achieve goals. At Aviso AI, we never underestimate the power of a tool to enable such intricacies. Whether to frame team strategy around a stalled deal, communicate insights between managers and reps, or pull in “Go-to-Market” team members from Marketing and Customer Success to Legal and Procurement, effective and rapid collaboration in Sales can make the difference between beating the number or getting beat. Aviso is happy to announce the release of AI-powered Digital WarRooms into our platform. Such WarRooms optimize the possibilities for virtual sales team collaboration through AI deal insights, SmartTranscripts of meetings and forecast calls, and surfaced rep activity intelligence. Read on to find out how we leverage artificial intelligence to supercharge collaboration on all levels of the revenue cycle.

Deal Rooms: Aviso Deal Rooms are a unified location for all deal-specific conversations, strategies, and assets. Deal rooms are a place for sales and other team members working on a specific account to have conversations in the context of that deal with key information and AI insights alongside. Now every opportunity in Aviso comes embedded with its own collaboration space, that administrators or deal owners can activate in one click. The insights panel present in-room surfaces deal-specific insights such as:

  • WinScore showing the probability of the deal closing in the quarter
  • Factors affecting whether the deal will close
  • How much discount to offer a customer
  • When the deal will close
  • Which products should be recommended

With Deal Rooms, sales organizations can stay in the loop about the latest conversations going on surrounding deal activity. On a week-over-week basis, the deal rooms also contain an archive of forecast and deal review calls, with an archive of all recordings transcribed by AI. Through this emerges increased transparency, proactivity, and better teamwork. Deal Rooms can also contain all deal-specific assets organized and are accessible by all members of the rooms. These assets can include Statements of Work, marketing collateral, NDAs, Close Plans, or Campaign or Engagement Plans. It additionally includes different document types including notes, screenshots, audio, video clips, and other files related to the deal. These assets can be organized into folders for easy access. Finally, Aviso users can utilize the To-Do’s feature to keep on top of action items that need to be completed related to the deal. Team members can assign them to themselves or other members of the deal team. Productivity and accountability on an individual and team level is maximized and deals move faster. 

Forecast Rooms: Aviso’s Forecast Rooms are purpose built spaces to help Operations, Strategy, and Field team members align around Monday morning forecasts and weekly deal reviews. In Forecast rooms, teams can access forecast related AI insights specific to regional, product, or other business pivots. These rooms can be used by all organization members for ad-hoc discussions about any given topic with the same collaboration functionality as deal rooms. Users can create rooms between sales managers and marketing or customer success team members to discuss customer renewals and up-sells. Managers can also use these WarRooms to coach their reps on how next steps to better performance with the help of rep activity intelligence.

Forecast rooms contain the same collaborative features as Deal Rooms. The newest updates to this feature set include SmartTranscriptions, where team members can review Natural Language Processing derived transcriptions and meeting highlights from forecast calls.

Digital WarRooms empower sales teams with the power of AI collaboration spaces, bringing the best of tools like Slack, Zoom, and Chatter, helping revenue leaders get a birds’ eye view across all deals, and go-to-market teams grow pipeline and revenue faster. Interested? Contact us to book a demo and see it in action.