Optimize CRM Opportunities Portfolio with AI Analysis

Aviso enables true 360 opportunity management with AI-powered opportunity insights and big picture view that identifies anomalies, helps with trade-offs, and drives team actions to beat the number every quarter.

Deal Map

Aviso Opportunity Maps (also called “Deal Maps”) are an entirely new way to manage high-risk deals with AI. The AI automatically identifies “diamond in the rough” deals across the portfolio as well as questionable deals unlikely to close. This helps sales teams run their forecast calls and deal reviews differently with specific guidance on key deals to focus more on or detract attention from.

Deals Timeline

The Opportunity timeline calculates when your deals will actually close based on your organization’s unique history. Each Timeline includes the top factors influencing the prediction to provide likely close dates for the opportunities in the pipeline. Operations teams can use this to identify opportunities that are at risk of slipping or have a chance to close early.

Deal Updates

Aviso AI knows which fields are most important in a business and guides reps to update only select CRM fields such as Close Dates or Next Steps, versus all CRM fields. With Deal Cards, reps can save time by syncing deal updates directly into CRM via Aviso.

Deal Level Forecasting

Get insight into all deals called in and out of forecast with Deal Level Forecasting. Audit your trail of judgment applied across all levels of management (roles, deal amounts, CRM fields). Immediately see discrepancies and address disagreements between members of your sales team on whether a deal is in or out of forecast.

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