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Closing deals isn't confined to your desk anymore. Never miss the opportunity to review deal activities, update forecasts, manage tasks, or get meeting insights on the move — with the Aviso mobile app.

Manage Upside and Risk Across Your Portfolio

Get a quick overview of your business at a glance from the interactive dashboard of the Aviso mobile app. Gauge your progress relative to targets and devise strategies for hitting them.

  • Deep Dive Analysis: Drill down into the dashboard for a business overview by region, period, and segment.
  • Deal Prioritization: Prioritize deals based on risk level and act quickly on the ones that matter.

Know What's Driving Your Deals

Stay informed about key deals directly on your mobile with the Aviso app—view all deals and pinpoint risky ones without needing a laptop.

  • AI-based Deal Insights: Utilize Aviso's Winscore to discern critical factors influencing deal outcomes, assess win probabilities, and devise winning strategies.
  • Deal Rooms: Centralize deal activities—discussions, file sharing, document signing, and reminders—in one streamlined space.

Update or Roll up Your Forecast as You Move

Access forecasting data and insights from anywhere, anytime, without being tied down to your office location or device.

  • Forecast Overview: Understand your business landscape, analyze direct reports, and review the pipeline for improved team guidance.
  • Dynamic Forecasting: Navigate market shifts and customer dynamics with Aviso's mobile AI Forecast explanations, enabling informed decision-making and competitive advantage.

Be an Active Listener. Not a Notetaker.

Focus on your face-to-face meetings without the hassle of note-taking. Aviso AI captures notes, analyzes performance and buyer reactions for comprehensive insights into each meeting, online or offline.

  • 1-Click AV Recording: Quickly record offline discussions in audio or video with buyer consent.
  • Share & Download: Share important call parts with stakeholders and dive into objections, topics, and themes to enhance learning from interactions.
  • Recording Management: Aviso automatically links recordings to deals, allowing you to organize or delete them based on recency or relevance.

Gain Revenue Visibility & Track Sales Progress

Access revenue reports directly on your mobile with Aviso's mobile-optimized reports, offering quality data and insights without needing to open your laptop.

  • Pipeline Projection Report: Gain valuable insights into your sales pipeline’s dynamic changes over any time range and act on time.
  • Win and Loss Report: Track the win/loss ratio over time and work towards improving it.
  • Current Quarter Progression Report: Monitor real-time progress of sales deals in a given quarter.
  • Rep Activity Report: Evaluate sales representatives' performance and activities.

Boost Your Productivity with GenAI on the Move

Get answers to all your revenue queries and more by asking MIKI, your AI Chief of Staff, using text or voice commands from your mobile.

  • Earnings Call Analysis: Enhance prospect research with key insights from earnings calls to gain strategic knowledge, customize pitches, and improve credibility and relationships.
  • CI-Based Call Insights: Streamline call review with MIKI for quick insights on engagement, emotions, question quality, and competition without sifting through lengthy summaries or recordings.
  • Automated Workflows: Use MIKI to simplify administrative tasks, such as updating deals or forecasts, allowing more focus on sales activities and revenue growth.

Maximize Productivity on the Move with Advanced Mobile Features

Pre-Meeting Nudges

Avoid last-minute scrambles with timely alerts & insights

Integrated Mailbox

Send and log emails with native CRM integration

Seamless CRM Contacts Sync

Auto-log contacts from your 
mobile phone to your CRM

Contacts 360°

Track details like contact recent activity, notes, upcoming events, emails, phone numbers, address, and more


Find the location of the buyer and the forthcoming meeting venue

Meeting in the Nearest Cafe or Diner

Pick the best spot to meet with the buyer using Yelp integration

Google Calendar Integration

Sync Google meeting invites and add details of meeting location and participants

Logs, Tasks, and Notes

Jot down next steps after an in-app phone call or email replies

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