Accelerate Remote Selling with Virtual AI Collaboration

Aviso’s Digital WarRooms empowers sales teams with the power of AI collaboration spaces, bringing the best of tools like Slack, Zoom, and Chatter, helping revenue leaders get a birds’ eye view across all deals, and go-to-market teams grow pipeline and revenue faster.

Forecast Rooms

Aviso’s Forecast Rooms are purpose built spaces to help Operations, Strategy, and Field team members align around Monday morning forecasts and weekly deal reviews. In Forecast rooms, teams can access forecast related AI insights specific to regional, product, or other business pivots.

Deal Rooms

Aviso’s Deal Rooms help enable continuous teamwork before, during, and after a deal is won. Aviso helps teams with chat messaging, files, integrations, live audio/video conferencing tools, deal boards, and other AI tools to break communication silos. Every opportunity in Aviso comes embedded with its own deal space.

Coaching Rooms

Aviso Coaching rooms help managers model the behavior of top performing reps to help others. Aviso presents insights into deal activity and helps managers guide reps with specific coaching and playbook recommendations. These are based on winning best practices the AI identifies across the entire business.

Aviso Smart Transcripts & Highlights

Aviso Smart Transcripts and Highlights uses NLP to summarize and generate highlights of forecast calls and deal reviews, with AI insights into areas of concern, and post-call summary and actions. Aviso uses text and speech analysis, as well as sentiment analysis to determine and surface deal risks in a timely manner.

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Sales Owner Scorecard

Data driven insights into rep behavior are key to optimizing overall team performance. Aviso’s Sales Owner Scorecard helps managers compare rep performance across teams to see which reps are performing well and which ones need more coaching.

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