Get Advanced Forensics Across The Deal Cycle

Aviso Deal Insights go beyond basic CRM as-is insights to provide a full picture of the evolution of deals, how deals are pacing versus where they need to be, key events driving the deal, and hidden deals from future quarters that can be tapped earlier.

Deal Insights

Aviso AI can analyze across CRM, rep activity, and other signals to find the best upside deals and hidden gems that can lower a given period’s revenue risk, regardless of where teams are in the quarter. Aviso insights are precise and actionable.

Upside & Pull-In Insights

Top Sales Reps don’t stay in denial and tackle deals that have lost momentum by looking for better options. Aviso AI surfaces clusters of upside deals for reps to increase upside forecast potential and eliminate the risk of previously committed deals which aren’t solid anymore.

Amount Insights

Our AI research shows that the listed deal amount in CRM is likely to change by a large amount before the deal closes. Aviso’s Amount Insights gives sales teams recommendations of discounts to provide based on past similar opportunities that won and flags large opportunities that reps could be overreaching on.

Pacing Insights

Reps and managers both need to track their win ratios mid-quarter against their quotas at the end. Aviso Pacing Insights lets you know whether you’re booking enough to hit your number. Use the expected bookings curve at the beginning of the quarter (that predicts the amount Aviso expects each region or team or other forecast group to book) to better understand if you’re on pace.

Key Events History

Reps and Managers can use WinScore History to track key events driving deal activity. See how deal activity relates to rep behavior for better coaching and rework sales strategy to include more efforts that will increase your WinScores.

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