WED Dec 6, 2023

Increase Conversion Rates with Precise Targeting of Ideal Customer Profiles

by Hashir Siddiqui

In the intricate world of sales, where precision and insight are paramount, the conventional method of prospecting based on an outdated Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) often becomes a stumbling block rather than a stepping stone. Sales teams frequently grapple with challenges like 

  • Missed Opportunities: The risk of failing to attract and retain customers akin to those who've previously found success with the product or service.
  • Inaccurate Targeting: Heightened the chances of marketing to the wrong audience, resulting in wasted resources and ineffective campaigns.
  • Limited Understanding of Customer Motivations: A constrained view of the factors influencing customers' purchasing decisions, leading to ineffective marketing strategies.
  • Overlooking Market Shifts: The danger of neglecting to adapt to evolving customer preferences and industry trends, potentially ceding market share to more nimble competitors.

This is where an AI-based real-time customer profiling system comes into play.

Aviso's innovative ICP scoring system is crucial in creating an ideal customer profile and identifying pursuit-worthy accounts through a robust, data-backed method. This system goes beyond traditional quota assessment qualifiers by blending solid ICP criteria with softer elements to assess an account's suitability for the pipeline.

Sales representatives are empowered by this system to quantitatively match accounts with the defined ICP, enhancing precision in their targeting efforts.

Moreover, Aviso's ICP score offers comprehensive insights into an account, accessible through its informative icon (as shown in the image above). 

Clicking on the 'I' icon reveals valuable details such as recent discussions on pricing and negotiation, upgrades in the engagement grade of key decision-makers, frequency of competition mentions, and a comparison of support tickets against the average. This feature equips users with the information needed to make informed decisions, providing a nuanced understanding of account dynamics. It enables sales teams to adopt more strategic and tailored approaches throughout the sales process.

How it Works

Analyzing a customer's historical win patterns is a key step for Aviso's ICP scoring. This process designates closed-won accounts as Ideal Customers.

The AI model then delves into the specific attributes associated with these successes. These attributes include revenue, account source, team size, and location. This knowledge empowers the AI model to effectively categorize prospecting CRM accounts as potential Ideal Customers, enhancing target identification accuracy.

Moreover, Aviso introduces an ICP proximity score, providing users with a tool to optimize their efforts and time when pursuing new accounts.

A higher ICP score means a prospect closely aligns with ideal customer traits, streamlining identification and prioritization for increased conversion likelihood.

The selection of an Ideal Customer is based on three factors:

  • Win Rate (% of won deals)
  • Cycle Time (average time to close deals)
  • Account Size (average deal amount)

An ideal customer has a higher win rate and lower cycle time for similar-sized accounts.

Key Benefits of Aviso's ICP Score:

  1. Precision Targeting: Pinpoint and prioritize prospects with the highest potential, directing sales and marketing efforts toward targeted accounts most likely to convert.
  2. Customized Messaging and Communication: Craft tailored marketing and sales messages based on the distinctive characteristics of your customer profile, enhancing resonance with the buyer.
  3. Enhanced Conversion Rates: Focus on customers aligning with the ICP, heightening the probability of converting opportunities into satisfied customers and delivering tangible value for your product or service.
  4. Streamlined Sales Cycles: Simplify the sales process by concentrating on well-matched customers, resulting in shorter sales cycles and faster decision-making.
  5. Optimized ROI: Efficiently allocate resources by honing in on the right customers, leading to a maximized return on investment.
  6. Informed Product Development: Utilize insights from the ICP score to refine and elevate your products or services, aligning them more closely with the evolving needs of your existing customers.


In summary, Aviso's ICP Score transforms account qualification by blending solid criteria with nuanced elements. This innovative system empowers sales teams to precisely match accounts with the ICP, streamlining efforts for improved targeting, communication, and conversion rates. Aviso's approach significantly shortens sales cycles, boosts ROI, and guides better product development and customer success.

If you're not already a customer, request a demo to discover how Aviso's ICP Score can help track ideal prospects based on your unique customer profile.