Accelerate and Convert Pipeline with AI Optimization

Aviso’s Pipeline Acceleration capabilities help sales operations and sales leadership teams to understand and interrogate their deals pipeline, assess pipeline quality and health, and get advanced insights to help plan and build new pipeline for future quarters.

Pipeline Analytics

The best teams know that sales pipeline is in a constant state of change, reflecting customer and market conditions. Simple CRM field updates can’t capture this flux and uncertainty. Aviso AI pinpoints exactly how, when, and where a pipeline changed, so teams can prevent and remedy deal slippage.

Pipeline Health

AI based pipeline analytics can help with objective, unbiased inspection versus self-reporting in CRM. Teams can assess pipeline health by comparing the start of the quarter pipeline & new pipeline added to ending pipeline predictions. Aviso AI will reveal when and where teams need to strengthen their pipeline management.

Pipeline Planning

Playing a long term pipeline game is key to sustained revenue. Sales teams can use Pipeline Planning to inspect the quality of future quarter pipeline. This helps teams see if they are on track to creating sufficient pipeline one, two, and three quarters out and understand if their pipeline is the optimal mix of opportunities for success.


The most successful revenue teams seek to understand if they’re doing enough right now to develop a strong pipeline for future quarters. Aviso AI surfaces analytics to support pipeline building and inform if the next quarter will start with enough pipeline. Team members get notified when pipeline generation has slowed in specific regions or segments.

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