Dec 5, 2023

Quantify Prospect's Interest and Purchase Intent with Buyer Interest Score

by Hashir Siddiqui

In the fast-changing landscape of hybrid selling, virtual sales methods are on the rise, and sellers are increasingly driven to enhance their ability to connect with buyers in this evolving environment. To foster buyer relationships, sellers must adapt their virtual selling strategies, ensuring they engage the right prospects at precisely the right time and with the most relevant message.

But today, most sales leaders depend on their reps' gut assessment of buyer interest, which is error-prone. Reps can underestimate or overqualify buyer intent, leading to incorrect forecasts and denting quarterly revenue goals. Most Conversational Intelligence tools are focused on providing call summaries, smart transcripts, etc, missing the whole point of buyer interest. At best, they provide a qualitative assessment of buyer interest, but as we know, we still need to cut it in the highly competitive sales world that we're in. This is where Aviso's Buyer Interest Score comes into play.

What is Aviso’s Buyer Interest Score?

Aviso has introduced a powerful metric to gauge interest levels, helping to assess whether an account exhibits low or high buyer interest. This score combines buyer engagement, competitor mentions, next steps planned, and overall sentiment score of the sales conversations and categorizes them as Good, Fair, or Needs Improvement. The score can be further inspected by drilling into the performance at account, deal, rep, and call levels. 

How Does It Benefit the Sales Teams?

  1. Improve the overall understanding of the buyer: Sales leaders don’t need to go through multiple metrics, reports, keywords, and topics to understand the buyer's intent. They can get a comprehensive picture of where the buyer stands based on the score, an aggregate of scores of all past conversations.
  2. Get to the account/deal/recording level understanding of conversations: Sellers can drill down the score from the account level to a call recording level and analyze where the score is dropping to plan remedial actions. The Buyer Interest Score is calculated based on a moving weighted average and is adjusted based on the calls' recency.
  3. Closely follow the trend (the buyer insights): Sales leaders can track the score over time, providing a historical view of communication effectiveness and allowing teams to identify trends and patterns in their performance.
  4. Know Buyer Interest Score impact on deal outcome: Revenue leaders can get a holistic view of deal performance and communication effectiveness with integrated Aviso Winscore, as it also includes the impact of the Buyer Interest Score on deal outcomes.


Aviso’s Buyer Interest Score helps sales teams improve their understanding of buyers at multiple levels of communication effectiveness and gives a holistic view of deal outcomes. This unlocks the potential for unparalleled revenue growth, enabling businesses to elevate their sales pitches, enrich the buyer experience, and drive better buyer relationships.

If you’re an existing Aviso CI customer, you can access the Buyer Interest Score from the CI dashboard. Others can schedule a call with us to discuss how Aviso's Conversational Intelligence can help you optimize your sales conversations for better deal outcomes.