TUE MAR 29 2022

Aviso AI Positioned as Strong Performer in Inaugural 2022 Forrester Wave for Revenue Operations & Intelligence (RO&I) Platforms

by Trevor Rodrigues-Templar

I am delighted to announce that Aviso has been recognized as a Strong Performer in the inaugural 2022 Forrester® WaveTM for Revenue Operations & Intelligence (RO&I). Aviso is the only platform with the highest possible scores in both Innovation Roadmap and core RevOps areas among the 14 vendors in this report. The Forrester Wave™ evaluated vendors on 28 criteria across a combination of critical factors including offering, strategy, and go-to-market.

In 2019, I joined Aviso AI as President & CEO on the conviction that traditional approaches to sales technologies including via the CRM ecosystem would need a fundamental disruption as a new generation of digitally savvy buyers and sellers reshaped the market. In these three years we have come a long way, building on Aviso’s deep heritage of predictive AI forecasting and deal intelligence to become a comprehensive and extensible guided RO&I platform.

Forrester’s Wave™ research is a validation of our teams’ relentless effort to focus on building the industry’s most comprehensive and end-to-end single pane of glass for revenue work. Forrester notes, “In recent years, new leadership at Aviso has revitalized the organization by assembling an agile and innovative development team that has quickly updated the product by executing against an aggressive roadmap.”

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The report also validates my thesis that the bundling era for sales technologies is not only here, it is much needed to refocus on SaaS value exchange. Too many incumbent CRMs, CRM bolt-ons, and one trick pony AI tools have added to bloat for sellers, CROs, CIOs, and CFOs. Only Aviso’s single pane of glass platform natively contains all the core workflows GTM teams need in an RO&I platform and that’s why the world’s leading enterprises continue to choose us.

Forrester’s RO&I framework integrates capabilities such as Revenue Cycle Analytics, Buyer Intelligence and Account Engagement, Conversational and Activity Insights, Deal/Opportunity Insights, Pipeline and Forecasting Insights, alongside user experience and architecture considerations ranging from Guidance/Notifications to Data Management and Integrations.

These essential capabilities are the foundational layers of Aviso’s single pane of glass, powered by the world’s only CRM-agnostic time-series auto-machine learning security platform with more than 350 billion insights, $400B in pipeline, and $164B in won deals, enabling our customers to successfully execute on their digital sales transformation initiatives.

Evolving Need for RO&I

As markets mature, new technology categories emerge, and nowhere is this truer than in the world of sales. In 2017 a leading analyst famously wrote “Reps aren’t going to live in CRM anymore. That ship has sailed”. In 2022, one of the analysts of the RO&I report asked “In the future will you really need a CRM?”. In the past five years, various technologies have attempted to shape the contours of a post-CRM world.

Additionally, in the past two pandemic years, we have witnessed an accelerated transition to virtual and hybrid selling to support distributed GTM teams. This rapid transformation has further elevated the need for AI-based dynamic sensemaking tools versus static CRM book-keeping tools. CRMs and bolt-on insight tools not only provide a false sense of revenue security, but also take away valuable IT investments from enterprise-wide digital sales transformation.

Forrester’s new report is timely because it provides a glimpse of how customers and their “divine discontents” are shaping a post-CRM world of 24/7/365 digital engagement between selling and buying teams. It shows the level of platform rigor required to apply true time-series AI analysis using CRM only as just a data source versus as the source of truth.

Forrester has expanded the dialog through this report by introducing “RO&I” platforms as the new workspaces to help B2B teams with the dramatic shift in B2B dynamics. With the average number of buying interactions up from 17 in 2019 to 27 in 2021 and purchase decisions that involved four or more people increasing from 47% to 61%, it is clear that today’s GTM teams need the right RO&I platform to optimize their revenue engines and improve buying experience.

Forrester’s Analyses of Aviso

According to the report, “Aviso is an innovative revenue operations solution. Enterprises looking for a solution that balances comprehensive pipeline management and forecasting capabilities with increasing revenue intelligence features to support sales execution should consider Aviso.”

Some of the other points the Analysts noted were:

  • The surprising breadth of functionality provided in Aviso’s platform is a real point of difference for an organization of this scale.
  • Reference customers are consistent in citing Aviso’s ability to support complex forecast processes and reduce non-value administrative time.
  • The 2022 roadmap is even more ambitious, with a focus on advanced AI capabilities as part of Aviso’s vision to be a single pane of glass for revenue operations.

Forrester’s analysis including with our customers validates our architectural approach strongly.

The ability of Aviso’s platform to work seamlessly across multiple CRMs (and multiple instances) such as Salesforce, Dynamics, or Hubspot, legacy databases like ERPs, Break-Fix CS, ticketing tools, and other revenue signals locked in email, calendar, meetings and chats is helping us scale global deployments and expansions at Honeywell, Armis, DataStax, AppAnnie, Ivanti, Secure Code Warrior, RingCentral, Elastic and Marlin Equity Partners.

Competitor Landscape

It is important to note that while Clari, Gong, Outreach have featured as leaders in this edition of Wave, the analysts also point out their limitations. We believe healthy competition in an open market is the best way to help every industry and company get the most of their AI investments.

Each of the current Wave leaders have glaring holes. Those who can do simple forecasts can’t do conversational intelligence natively. Those who do CI can’t forecast or aren’t proven. Those who can’t do either are duct taping capabilities via mergers & acquisitions.

Only Aviso natively accomplishes everything from forecasting to conversational and activity intelligence to pipeline and opportunity management to deal collaboration and CRM automation. Aviso is also the only platform that also works outside of B2B SaaS business models, e.g. as an enterprise standard at Honeywell since 2018. Remember that if experiencing vendor FUD!


This is our maiden analyst engagement with Forrester and despite entering areas like Conversational Intelligence and Activity Intelligence just over a year ago, we are thrilled to be further along the cutting edge than incumbents in most areas. Despite venture-funded hype machines and millions spent on Super Bowl ads to build brand preference, we have remained focused on the most important frontiers: product innovation and customer experience.

Customers who have switched from Clari, Gong, People.ai, BoostUp, and InsightSquared to partner with Aviso have done so because they sought a single pane of glass for revenue work to consolidate the data sprawl, tool proliferation, and cost bloat. Aviso’s 2022 innovation roadmap is unmatched and it is the only platform proven at Fortune 500 scale. Our real-time coaching, account planning, close plans, and NLP analytics will further help modern GTM teams do their revenue work in one workspace.

The introduction of the RO&I category reinforces that the time is right for customers to re-evaluate their sales tool investments, and Aviso is here to assist. We believe we deliver on Forrester’s assessment of our strengths in RO&I through continued innovation of our single pane of glass that enables all GTM teams to focus on customers in one integrated workspace. Anchored on our 98%+ forecast accuracy proven at Fortune 500 scale, Aviso’s AI brings sellers the guidance they need to win more deals faster while helping managers coach better, revenue operations predict better, and CFOs and CIOs consolidate data and expenses better.

We are excited to continue our focus on driving AI advancements for the RO&I market, but the true measure of our success is the value we deliver to our customers. I’d like to thank each of our customers for putting their trust in Aviso to move forward with their sales transformation.

In our next attempt with Forrester’s Wave, my goal is simple - to be the best among leaders and work with our customers, partners, employees, and analyst ecosystem to help GTM teams get the most of their AI investments. The ship that sailed from CRM has arrived at the RO&I shore.

Please download a complimentary copy of the 2022 Forrester Wave RO&I Report.