FRI AUG 05 2022

Unlock Your Business Potential With Revenue Intelligence

by Gayatri Ivaturi

Data visualization dashboards play a major role for business leaders to understand the market or competitors and make business decisions, but when it comes to revenue insights, it is necessary to link a lot of information from different sources together for a better understanding.

With AI integration, it's possible to understand the complex threads between different verticals of the business. Revenue intelligence platforms help organizations unlock their potential by providing them insights on their sales activity, deal management and rep productivity. These platforms help companies gain insights on their past, present as well as future cash flow.

What Is A Revenue Intelligence Platform?

Revenue Intelligence Platform is a data-centric integration tool that uses AI in revenue operations to gather data across all business units and provide insights that drive the bottom line. 

Once the tool is integrated to an organization’s system of record, such as ERP engine, ticketing data, email, calendar, it will automatically begin gathering the data and visualize it in a single source.

The Need For A Revenue Intelligence Platform

With the advent of technology, businesses are trying to get a stock of their customers’ data and consume as much information as possible and grow their sales and revenue. The limitations in the data generated locally or the dashboards designed/developed inhouse can deviate the purpose of analyzing the key business objectives comprehensively. It could be due to the lack of market information or the change in market dynamics plugged into the tools to forecast the next steps in the business. 

With the changing dynamics in the market as well as customer preferences, businesses have to up their game to address some critical pain-points to understand the real position of the business in the market.

A Revenue Intelligence Platform will help the market players to comprehensively visualize their data, see trends, and forecast the future prospects real-time.

Solving Sales And Revenue Teams’ Challenges

Let’s see the routine challenges the sales and revenue operations teams face and how a revenue intelligence platform can act as a boon.

Revenue Operations Without AI-Backed Data Is Opaque

The revenue operations of any business is responsible to collect the data from all the business units under one virtual roof. However, the challenge lies in ensuring data accuracy and conducting repetitive data collection and entry tasks. 

A revenue intelligence tool not only automates the data capturing from all the business units but also provides instant push backs to the CRM dashboards with the seamless integration. In a nutshell, this tool will cross-collaborate and bring all the siloes together. Hence, it is a viable solution to any business looking to streamline their revenue operations and intelligence processes, increase productivity, and help grow the business.

Data Is Captured In Siloes

In large, cross-functional organizations, the data gets captured from various sources and it’s difficult for the cross-functional teams to collaborate on the same data. This results in missed opportunities to efficiently capture and analyze data and understand the customer better.

A Revenue Intelligence Platform addresses the lack of data sharing in different business units and brings all the disparate data on a single platform. This makes the information available to all the decision makers and they can optimize the data to increase revenue.

Difficult To Forecast Revenue With Market Uncertainties 

We are living in a VUCA world. With the uncertainties and changing business dynamics, the revenue operations in any industry should be ready to dodge the curve balls. To become agile and to adapt to the changing market, companies should forecast their business sales and revenue accurately. They can use the data to understand the factors affecting their performance and learn from them. 

To understand how their products or services will perform in the future and stay ahead of the market, companies should leverage an AI-powered revenue intelligence platform that uses their real-time and historical data to provide accurate revenue forecasting and intelligence.


Access to revenue intelligence will help organizations to efficiently operate in reality rather than intuition. AI-powered revenue intelligence will help the key decision makers to understand the relationship activity and certain behavioral signals such as emotions, gestures, and most importantly the intent of buyers. This will help revenue leaders plan next action steps and create strategies to scale up the revenue line. With a revenue operations and intelligence system in place, businesses can transform data into actionable insights, forecast their financials seamlessly and take the business to a higher notch.

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