DataStax Reduced Its Technology Stack By Choosing Aviso’s Integrated RevOps Platform

DataStax Reduced Its Technology Stack By
Choosing Aviso’s Integrated RevOps Platform
Founded in 2010, DataStax is a real-time data company offering a cloud database-as-a-service based on Apache Cassandra.

Aviso’s platform elements really help from an investment perspective. If the CFO asks to reduce spend, I can reduce [point solutions] from 20 to 10 to get an integrated functionality. When you get a partner with that kind of roadmap and mindset, that value proposition always wins. And that’s what helps Aviso to bring more value to customers.

Harry Ault
CRO, DataStax

Aviso provided DataStax with a single pane of glass RevOps and intelligence platform with adjacent capabilities for growing expansion needs and worked as an always-on success partner to get smarter on the technology.

Challenges Faced

  • Complex forecasting needs with the rapidly growing business
  • Struggle to scale team management and improve visibility while managing spend & rep burden

Solutions Provided

  • Deal-level forecasting by product line as well as by rep with complex split amounts visualization
  • Scalable platform for teams, products, and geographies’ growth with custom hierarchies
  • Integrated capabilities such as sales coaching, activity tracking, conversation insights

Benefits For DataStax

Cost savings with the integrated RevOps solution significantly reducing the need for point solutions

Increased sales productivity with the platform’s feature to write back key fields in Salesforce and focused efforts on key selling activities

Highly accurate sales forecasting to support new business acquisition and renewal process in single instance

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