Build Human Rapport On Virtual Meetings And Close More Deals With Buyer Intent Analytics

How much is rep bias on how a meeting went and uncertainty over deal health hurting your quarterly number?

Helping 125+ fast-growing and enterprise businesses read their buyer’s minds


The Rep Bias Problem In Your Deals

With B2B deals being so complex and involving multiple stakeholders, it’s getting harder for reps to differentiate truly winnable deals from false positives.

With hundreds of deals in-flight, focusing on the right deals is key to being more productive and focus your time only on those deals that are truly moving forward


The Conversation Confusion In A Recession Environment

Because CXOs today are pulling back budgets, and cutting costs, deals in your pipe are at greater risk than ever.

Reps everywhere are seeing deals they marked as ‘positive’ in notes turning stone-cold. Because buyers are looking for better pricing, evaluating more competition, or simply lacking budget.

The real issue isn’t in hearing what buyers are saying on call.
But in tracking what they’re NOT saying.

That’s where Aviso’s Buyer Intent Analytics comes in, helping you analyze both verbal and non-verbal signals using AI and ML models to uncover deals with true intent and show sellers what buyers really want from your solution.

Text Analysis Using ML models

  • Aviso analyzes email body and messages to unlock the sentiment of buyers, revealing their needs, values, and objections
  • Topic Modeling with NLP puts buyers’ words in context, revealing positive or negative intent using trigger phrases such as pricing, competition, confused questions, and contracts.

Subtext Analysis With Dimensional Affect Modeling

Mehrabian 7-38-55 Rule: With only 7% of communication coming from spoken words, Aviso analyzes virtual body language (38%) and tonality (55%) to uncover subtle emotions like hesitation and excitement

The Pinocchio Effect Report: Aviso shines a light on buyer deception on call, helping you overcome objections, build true rapport and prioritize deals with genuine interest

Bring the art of human body language reading to the science of virtual selling

In real life, a confused flicker of the eyes, a high-pitched voice and a raised, skeptical eyebrow tell you a lot. Now they’ll matter during your sales meetings too.

Detect tone inflection and pitch to know key emotional moments such as hesitation, confusion or excitement


Use Continuous Valence Tracking to understand buyers beyond basic happy/ sad states

Aviso analyzes over 30+ facial gestures and correlates with context to reveal true intent

Revenue Experts tell you to make each call count and ‘Sell Human’.

Aviso’s Buyer Intent Analytics makes it happen

Aviso takes the Implicit and Explicit Signals across every call and factors them when calculating an AI-driven WinScore and Explanation for the score.
This means you’ll toggle deals in and out of commits with precision, making weekly deal-by-deal reviews, forecast calls and hitting your number much easier.
You’ll also know the key topics and moments that excite or confuse buyers, making meetings contextual and shortening sales cycles

How Aviso’s Buyer Intent Analytics Works

Bi-direction Encoder Representations (BERT)
Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT)
BM25 Relevance Algorithms
3-D Convolutional Neural Networks, Wav2Sec and Fusion Models
Bi-directional Auto-Regressive Transformers

Ready To Understand Buyers Deeper, Prioritize the Right Deals and Shorten Sales Cycles?

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