Aviso AI Named to Constellation ShortList for Revenue Platforms

REDWOOD CITY, CA. Aug. 21, 2023 – Aviso, the only end-to-end AI revenue operating system, today announced it was named to the Constellation ShortList™ for Revenue Platforms in Q3 2023. Aviso was selected out of more than 50 solutions categorized in this market, including conversation intelligence, revenue operations, sales engagement, GTM enablement and revenue intelligence providers. Constellation Research estimated the overall market size for these platforms is $3.61 billion in 2023, and expected to reach $20.32 billion by 2030, with a CAGR of 28.3 percent. 

In a study with more than 40 CROs, a consensus has emerged: revenue teams will continue to struggle with the patchwork of solutions and integration headaches without one unified, integrated platform. Aviso provides a single, end-to-end integrated platform that serves as the revenue operating system across GTM workflows. For most revenue leaders, bloat comes in two forms: complexity of their stack and costly contract lengths with multiple single threaded tools. Constellation’s R “Ray” Wang proclaimed the Sweet Spot is, “a revenue platform that brings sales engagement, revenue operations, revenue intelligence, revenue ops data automation, marketing automation, customers success, and CDP together with a strong automation and AI foundation."

Customers like Armis, DataStax and GitHub use Aviso to drive outcomes that improve topline margins, while reducing revenue tech stack bloat and dissatisfaction. Underlying Aviso’s end-to-end platform are secure, carefully designed AI frameworks that can handle different scenarios in a deal lifecycle. MIKI, the AI Chief of Staff, acts as a companion for every Aviso user purpose built around Natural Language Processing & Generative AI. 

  • Update any field in Salesforce or Dynamics or any other system of record including Cloud Data Warehouses such as Snowflake without ever opening CRM
  • Have emails or content written for you personalized for key execs at your target accounts; 
  • Create analysis, insights and content based on earnings call research captured automatically
  • Alert team members to key executive departures, events or milestones 
  • Create prompts and next best action recommendations to accelerate a deal
  • Insert buyer emotion, insights and analysis based on interactions, emails and calls to determine their propensity to buy now vs later 

Aviso auto-extracts features and generates predictions and recommendations using Recurrent Neural Networks, LSTMs (Longo Short-Term Memory Neural Nets), Gradient Boosted Methods, NLP, Collaborative Filtering and Locality Sensitive Hashing. Aviso also optimizes with closed loop attribution and Bayesian Contextual Bandits that model individual user intents and interests.

“If I can reduce vendors from 20 to 10, and get an integrated functionality of things that meet our needs and have a partner with that type of roadmap, that’s a value prop I think wins and provides more value to customers,” said Harry Ault, Chief Revenue Officer of DataStax. “It’s been one of the best decisions we made and one of the tools that all of us live in on a daily basis. It’s an integral part of how we run the revenue side of our business.” 

"Aviso AI’s MIKI brings so much together in a single platform! This is a vendor that is really taking advantage of AI and providing a customized solution for Sales organizations,” said Lori Harmon, VP of Business Development at Cloudflare. “It is so far beyond a simple integration into ChatGPT.”

“We believe every company, every individual, every team is a language business. They have language flows deeply baked into how they operate and drive performance,” said Trevor Rodrigues Templar, President & CEO of Aviso AI. “If we can add incremental value to existing language workflows, then Generative AI has the potential to become the preferred way of interacting and getting the most out of your data. We’re thankful for Constellation Research recognizing Aviso’s sweet spot.” 

“Constellation’s 6000+ buyers have begun a rationalization and optimization process for their investments. CXO’s are consolidating capabilities and reducing the number of vendors they work with,” said R “Ray” Wang, Chairman and Founder at Constellation Research. “As they move to core platforms, they are also seeking the best of breed solutions that bring unique business capabilities to market for their business. This year’s shortlists take into account this shift and identify which solutions truly stand out.” 

Constellation Research advises leaders on leveraging disruptive technologies to achieve business model transformation and streamline business processes. Products and services named to the Constellation ShortList meet the threshold criteria for this category as determined through client inquiries, partner conversations, customer references, vendor selection projects, market share, and internal research. The portfolio is updated at least once per year as the analyst team deems necessary based on market conditions.


About Aviso AI 

Aviso is a Revenue Operating System that helps GTM teams deliver 98%+ accurate forecasts, predict future pipeline, and win more deals. The AI platform delivers integrated revenue intelligence, team-wide actions and course corrections, and augments sales teams while reducing the burden of CRM. Leaders such as Honeywell, New Relic, Elastic, Armis, and RingCentral have standardized on Aviso to manage revenue, gaining over 55% net new revenue per rep, 40% higher win rates, 160% higher pipeline conversion rates, and over 31% faster sales cycles.

Aviso is backed by Storm Ventures, Scale Venture Partners, Shasta Ventures, and leading Silicon Valley and global technology investors.


Constellation Research does not endorse any solution or service named in its research.

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