Aviso Announces New AI-powered Opportunity Management Solution

Aviso Customers Close 20 Percent More Deals with New AI-powered Opportunity Management Solution

Innovative AI for Sales Drives Results by Putting Intelligence Ahead of Guesswork

REDWOOD CITY, CA - September 5, 2018 - Aviso, the leading provider of AI-powered opportunity management solutions that increase revenue, today announced several new AI solutions that improve win rates and lead to more closed deals. Aviso’s newest solution helps customers close 20 percent more deals per quarter with opportunity management that mines intelligence on each and every deal, delivering win scores that are greater than 90% accurate, with AI-powered insights and analysis to drive sales actions.

Aviso Opportunity Management highlights opportunity strengths and weaknesses – typically indiscernible via CRMs – to focus sales managers and reps proactively on those activities that will have the greatest impact on deal closure. Additionally, Aviso quickly uncovers key instances of pipeline change, positive or negative, that pose a risk or introduce an opening for your business in both current and next quarter’s pipeline. Sales managers can now see which deals need attention, and when, before it’s too late.

“Aviso has changed the way we conduct our deal reviews,” said Jay Flanagan, Senior Director of Strategy and Transformation at Dell EMC. “Prior to Aviso, we had no insight into information from week to week. Now, we use the AI-driven Aviso WinScores to understand the reality of a deal, and the key elements that are influencing it. Thanks to Aviso, the sales team now develops proactive action plans to win.”

Aviso’s newest AI solution for opportunity management include:
Aviso WinScore™: identify the statistical probability to close within the forecast timeframe
Aviso Opportunity Insights: surface the most influential opportunity details
Aviso Opportunity Maps: help managers identify risk and upside to close more deals

The lack of true intelligence in Opportunity Management drove Aviso to develop an AI-driven solution. “SiriusDecisions CommandCenter™ research reveals sales people, on average, win 23 percent of the opportunities they pursue,” according to Dana Therrien, Senior Sales Operations Analyst, SiriusDecisions. “That means they lose 77 percent of the time and it's largely because sales force automation (SFA) alone doesn't guide reps. It records their actions but they use mostly their intuition to decide which opportunities to pursue and what actions to take next.”

With Aviso, AI takes over from intuition, reshaping opportunity management for the best possible outcome. “Across our customer base, Aviso’s WinScores have proven accuracy rates of greater than 90 percent,” said Aviso CEO Michael Lock. “Because of the vast amount of sales data that our systems have processed, we can deliver the true statistical probability to close for each opportunity, taking into consideration more data points than any human or traditional CRM can, eliminating human subjectivity and prompting quick attention where it matters most.”

We’re so confident in our WinScores that we’re offering you the chance to trial them free of cost with the Aviso90 Challenge Trial. We will apply AI and score all of your opportunities for free in the one quarter and provide you with highly accurate win scores against all of them. If we are not at least 90% accurate we will donate $500 to your favorite charity. Visit  for more information.

In 2017, Aviso managed more than $150B of pipeline and over 2.4M sales opportunities. Notable recent customer wins include Dell/EMC, Glassdoor, Sailpoint and GitHub.

About Aviso

Aviso helps sales organizations close more deals with AI-powered opportunity management that delivers highly accurate win scores and actionable insights. Sales’ deal predictability is inexact and often unrealistic, usually led by gut instinct.  With Aviso, that changes with AI-based WinScores that are >90% accurate. Aviso WinScores™, combined with Opportunity Insights and Opportunity Maps, instantly show sales managers and reps which deals to focus on, and when. Unlike CRM solutions that simply reflect what the business already knows, Aviso uncovers new intelligence and insights to help close specific deals. Leading sales teams are adopting AI from Aviso to take control of their opportunities and drive more revenue with more predictability. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Redwood City, California, Aviso serves customers across North America from its offices in California and New York.
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