Aviso Becomes First Revenue Platform to Deploy Billion-Dollar Scale Consumption Forecasting for Snowflake and Other Cloud Data Warehouses

Aviso AI, the only AI-guided Revenue Operating System recognized for its “single pane of glass” platform, has announced that it is the first revenue intelligence platform to deploy real-time ‘consumption-based’ forecasting based on data in Snowflake, in addition to traditional ‘opportunity-based’ data in Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, Hubspot, Veeva, and other CRMs. The company also announced that a large multi-billion-dollar technology leader has just switched to Aviso from Clari, a legacy forecasting vendor to manage its revenue operations.

In a technical bake-off, Aviso was able to forecast within 2.5% accuracy across different programs and account cohorts. Aviso’s advanced Machine Learning pipeline was able to automatically identify key features derived from Salesforce (account attributes, open deals, adoption levels), Snowflake (daily consumption rates, buying programs, pricing, users and subscriptions) and activity datasets (email and calendar). Aviso leveraged a host of traditional and deep learning models to provide accurate forecasts optimally reconciling a top down and bottom up approach to achieve the industry’s best accuracy at account and aggregate levels.

In a recessionary environment, SaaS applications ranging from infrastructure to developer tools to hybrid hardware-software offerings are seeing most traction with consumption-based models. According to a recent OpenView Partners’ survey, 39% of companies now charge based on usage. A recent Diginomica article describes how the consumption-based pricing model has been a driving force for success in this environment.

Just as cloud data warehouse platforms like Snowflake have democratized data management and storage and are helping companies scale faster, Aviso seeks to democratize sales management and help all companies scale revenue processes and growth faster, with the flexibility and versatility they need for different economic environments.

“We seek to bring Snowflake based consumption forecasting to all companies. Legacy forecasting vendors cannot do it because of rigid architectures and that’s why we are seeing more customers migrate to Aviso. Only Aviso’s time-series architecture, real-time sync, and Machine Learning models can equip every company to forecast on consumption data,” said Trevor Templar, President & CEO of Aviso.

Aviso’s ability to work seamlessly across multiple cloud data warehouses, CRMs, ERPs, Break-Fix Customer Success, ticketing, and other revenue signals locked in email, calendar, meetings, and chats has led to global expansions at Honeywell, Armis, DataStax,, RingCentral, and Marlin Equity Partners.

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