Aviso selected in G2 Crowd Top 50 Best Products for Sales for 2019

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., March. 30, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aviso, the leading provider of AI-powered solutions for sales and forecasting performance, today announced that it was selected in the G2 Crowd year’s Top 50 Best Products for Sales list for 2019. G2 announced the 2019 winners of its annual Best Software Awards from amongst thousands of vendors in the Sales Tech Landscape.

The equivalent of The People’s Choice Awards for tech companies, G2 Crowd’s Best Software Awards provide the definitive ranking of the best software companies and products worldwide. Companies that end up on this coveted list are selected based on data provided by its users, and, as a result, have proven their commitment to customers. With over 45,000 software companies on G2, Aviso’s recognition on the prestigious Top 50 Best Products for Sales list is an exceptional achievement, and one that can only be earned through the endorsement of our users.

G2 Crowd compiled the list using data collected from over 270,000 authentic customer reviews written between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2018. Reviews spanned across nearly 60,000 software products, with every single review vetted by an individual person, not a machine, to ensure legitimacy.

This is our first time earning the title as one of G2’s Best Software winners.

“This is no subjective list by a few people giving their opinions,” CEO Godard Abel explains. “With the highest traffic and engagement, largest selection of products and services, and highest quality data, G2 Crowd is able to harness more than 4 million data points to determine which products and companies are doing the best job of helping businesses reach their potential.”

Aviso helps sales organizations close more deals with AI-powered opportunity management that delivers highly accurate win scores and actionable insights. Deal predictability is inexact and often unrealistic, usually led by gut instinct.  With Aviso, that changes with AI-based WinScores™, that are >90% accurate. Aviso WinScores™, combined with Opportunity Insights and Opportunity Maps, instantly show sales managers and reps which deals to focus on, and when. Unlike CRM solutions that simply reflect what the business already knows, Aviso uncovers new intelligence and insights to help close specific deals. Leading sales teams are adopting AI from Aviso to take control of their opportunities and drive more revenue with more predictability.

“AI is enabling sales teams with better intelligence around forecasting and opportunity management through highly accurate scoring that suggests next best steps and improves win rates,” said Dana Therrien, Practice Leader, Sales Operations Strategies, SiriusDecisions. “We think AI will help make sales people more accurate and effective while improving productivity.”
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