Splunk, Fortune 500 leaders embrace Aviso’s sales AI compass to close more deals

As Aviso continues momentum, company names former Salesforce leader as new CEO and adds extended series B round

Redwood City, California, July 31, 2019 [6 am PT] (PR Newswire) -- Aviso, the leader in AI-powered guided selling, is introducing an AI compass that guides sales teams to their True North with revenue. Customers from Fortune 500 mainstays to fast-growing startups are winning 20% more deals with over 90% predictability as a result of Aviso’s AI platform which unifies forecasting and sales execution with capabilities such as:

  • Surfacing key at-risk deals, hidden opportunities, and follow-up actions customized to account history and rep behavior
  • Reducing data entry from hundreds of fields to a few key fields algorithmically identified as most useful to closing a given deal
  • Delivering team-wide \"nudges\" with AI insights and deal execution recommendations

With companies spending $120 billion annually on CRM, the technology has become ubiquitous with sales operations and management. But while this spend hits an all-time high, only 43% of sales reps achieve quota today, compared to 63% in 2011.
“As Splunk has grown, Aviso has grown with us,” said Dave Cheng, Senior Director, Sales Operations at Splunk. “Aviso’s algorithms help accurately forecast run rates to give my team a binary view of transactions and a clearer deal path from projection to close. Aviso takes the guesswork out of forecasting. Without it, my team would have to manually determine a number.”

As of this June, customer momentum has fueled Aviso’s growth to over 100% YOY. To accelerate this growth, the company is adding new leadership and funding. Former Salesforce veteran Trevor Templar, most recently Chief Revenue Officer at, joins as CEO. Additionally, Storm Ventures leads a $8 million extended B round funding, adding to the $33 million previously raised.

“Aviso is leading the next shift in the CRM space to help sales teams unlock dynamic insights with proven predictability. I am excited to partner with Trevor to lead the company into its next growth phase. He has rewritten the rules of selling through his career and is one of the strongest leaders I know in the industry,” said Tae Hea Naam, Managing Director of Storm Ventures.

“We’re a compass that guides sales teams to their True North,” said Trevor Templar, newly appointed CEO of Aviso. “As a life-long sales guy, I love that my job is to lead our team to help our customers’ sales teams. Legacy sales technologies aren’t able to proactively surface recommendations and they offer zero predictive guidance for closing deals. We give teams AI insights to take the right actions at the right time. This charts the way for reps to build and strengthen relationships with customers – creating lasting value for both sides.”

“I look forward to helping more companies grow faster while reducing data entry and boosting customer engagements. Our customers close 20% more deals with a 90% forecast accuracy rate – something none of the nearly 400 companies in our space dare to measure. And we’re only getting better. As I’ve told the team, we’re going to challenge ourselves to drive even higher rates of customer success.”

“SiriusDecisions CommandCenter™ research reveals sales people, on average, win 23 percent of the opportunities they pursue,” according to Dana Therrien, Practice Leader, Sales Operations Strategies at SiriusDecisions/Forrester. “That means they lose 77 percent of the time and it's largely because sales force automation (SFA) alone doesn't guide reps. It records their actions, but they use mostly their intuition to decide which opportunities to pursue and what actions to take next.”

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Aviso is the AI compass that guides sales and go-to-market teams to close more deals, accelerate growth, and find their revenue True North. Aviso delivers true revenue intelligence, nudges team-wide actions, and gives precise guidance so sellers and teams don’t get lost in the fog of customer databases, scattered data lakes, and human biases. Fortune 500 and industry leaders such as Splunk, Honeywell, MongoDB, RingCentral, and FireEye use Aviso to drive more revenue, achieve goals faster, and win in bold new frontiers.
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