Selling and Winning
in the Age of AI

  • Duration - 40mins

Maxim Tarasevich

AVP Enterprise,

Avinash Kothakota

Sr Product Marketing Manager, Aviso

About the Webinar

2% success rate with cold calls, 4% response rate with LinkedIn messages, and 15% response rate with cold emails - a tough battleground for sales development teams. With prospects being ever more weary about intrusive messages and a bloated tech stack, the cost per meeting booked is on a constant rise, challenging today’s sales development leaders. On the same boat?

In this webinar, our panel of sales and product experts share insights to leverage AI for generating personalized multi-channel sequences at scale with one integrated revenue platform while maximizing ROI on sales engagement.

Key Takeaways:

Leaders’ Sales Development Guide

Discover strategies for compelling buyer-focused messaging, building ideal customer profiles, prospect engagement, covering quota setting, measuring success, and enabling SDRs.

Hyper-Personalization At Scale

Master impactful messaging for each prospect with AI-generated content, enhancing personalization without wasting time or resources.

SDR Productivity Boost

Use AI to gain actionable insights on reps’ performance across channels, driving effectiveness and efficiency.

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