FRI JAN 15 2021

Aviso AI Enters Three New Categories on G2

by Jennifer Wang

Aviso AI is excited to announce its debut of three new categories on G2: AI Sales Assistant, Sales Performance Management, and Conversational Intelligence. These new arrivals serve as welcome expansions to Aviso’s current leadership in the category of Sales Analytics. New Aviso G2 Categories: Sales Analytics, Conversational Intelligence, Sales Performance Management, and AI Sales Assistant. Image courtesy of Aviso marketing and design team.

Sales Analytics and Enablement

Our mission is to guide sales teams to their revenue True North. Aviso aims to reinvent and modernize the sales process by harnessing the power of objective data and cutting-edge AI to provide businesses with 98%+ accurate forecasting, streamlined customer engagement, and next-level pipeline management.

AI Sales Assistant

Driven by a powerful, proprietary machine-learning core and time-series database, Aviso combines the best of artificial intelligence and sales analytics to support teams by providing predictive insights and automating tasks. Our AI ensemble models are trained on robust sets of internal and external signals (e.g. contacts, emails, and calendar systems) to inform all aspects of the sales process and provide personalized navigation for all members of the sales hierarchy -- from underlining at-risk deals for CROs to suggesting customized next-steps for individual reps.

Conversational Intelligence

Aviso’s Conversational Intelligence offers qualitative and quantitative insights designed to improve team efficacy by articulating what works and what doesn’t. Our platform-wide SmartTranscription uses top-of-the-line Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automatically transcribe and translate hours of meetings into meaningful metrics such as topic keywords, pricing mentions, and participant talk ratio, while our Sentiment Analysis offers an objective look into speaker tones and emotions during calls. The recorded data is also incorporated into our time-series database to enrich your custom insights.

Sales Performance Management & Coaching

From specialized Coaching Rooms to personalized Sales Rep Scorecards to customized Nudges, Aviso’s suite of sales coaching features allow for managers to drive sales readiness in reps by narrowing down areas of improvement and identifying pivotal opportunities in their deals. Rep Scorecards allow managers to view individual rep behaviors and activities, and Coaching Rooms are equipped with video chat, file sharing, embedded Conversational Intelligence, and other collaboration features to aid communication. Aviso’s Insights Panel suggests specific coaching and playbook recommendations based on winning practices drawn from the entire business. Our automated Nudge system gently guides reps on time-based actions to take to close their deals faster and more efficiently.  In addition, the Aviso platform allows for near-instantaneous CRM data sync and out-of-the-box software integration in order to best understand rep behavior and suggest winning deal actions.
A Compass for the Modern-Day Sales Team
At Aviso, we believe that modern-day sales teams should embrace revenue-enhancement technology that parallels the great advancements made in our current age of digitality -- and our Fortune 500 users agree. By infusing the predictive power of AI with our tailor-made platform, designed for the contemporary salesperson, we encourage each member of the sales team to look up, reach higher, and aim farther.