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Aviso’s conversational intelligence metrics are designed to help improve internal team alignment, with qualitative and quantitative insights to change specific sales behaviors.

Meeting Effectiveness

Aviso’s SmartTranscription uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automatically transcribe minutes of your meeting into meaningful efficiency metrics. Audio markers help highlight each speaker. Aviso also helps identify each speaker’s talk-to-listen ratio and shows who’s dominating the conversation and who should speak up more in future calls. We help you leverage call transcriptions and NLP insights for internal reviews, customer calls, and prospect interactions. Aviso’s meeting recordings provide you sentiment score generated from meetings, talk rate, and keywords intent score. In addition, we provide auto-logging of all sales activities into your CRM including all meetings, emails, call recordings, transcriptions, and contacts.

Sentiment Analysis

Aviso also helps sales reps and teams go beyond effectiveness metrics by analyzing bias due to overconfidence or pessimism. Aviso’s sentiment analysis feature provides visual indicators to show how your forecast call truly went and how your customers are actually feeling. With insights into meetings’ overall tone and positive, neutral, or negative sentiment, sales teams can better help each other and serve executives and customers’ needs.

Our sentiment analysis supports purpose-built conversation channels and integrates well with Zoom, Teams, etc. Aviso helps you understand buyer intent through inspecting their sentiment during the entire call. Were they responding positively or negatively to you? How has the sentiment changed over time and across buying teams? These are a few among many questions we help you address.

SmartTranscription Keywords + Highlights

Aviso SmartTranscripts and Highlights uses NLP to summarize and find underlying patterns. Aviso generates keyword highlights of customer calls, which are searchable and indexed. AI insights point out areas of concern, and post-call summary and actions help align teams. Aviso uses text and speech analysis, as well as sentiment analysis to give insights into what works best for communication. Users can also bookmark questions asked and be ready with answers in their next calls.

With SmartTranscripts, you get automatic NLP-generated transcriptions of meetings. You’ll save moments you want to reference back to in Highlights. The tool allows you to upload audio and video files from any collaboration tool to get meeting transcripts.

Buyer Intent

A unique aspect of Aviso’s CI involves using our NLP models to identify intent in the subtext of our virtual deal conversations. Whether it be an initial call with a prospect regarding a new deal, or a conversation with a customer who is about to renew, Aviso Intent helps you identify the deals that have the highest chance of progressing forward. The Intent signals generated by our CI models feed back into our main tenant-specific Auto-Machine Learning algorithms to inform overall deal insights and predictions.

Our customers get not only world-class CI technology, but also an entire suite of AI-for-Sales features that all connect and feed back to one another. In addition to customer intent, we provide real-time coaching during call, call notes synced back to CRM, deal and forecast intelligence (integrated with AE activity intelligence and predictive analytics), product and competitor insights, visual cues and coaching via computer vision.

Under the Hood

Conversational Intelligence is powered by Aviso AI’s NLP capabilities alongside speech-to-text computing. Our proprietary time series database allows for a historical tracking of past meetings to supercharge the custom insights we provide. Aviso’s time series AI engine forecasts each deal with 98%+ accuracy.

Our patented Time Series Database factors include seasonality/trend related features (owner win rate, account win rate, etc), pipe coverage, and weighted pipe model that leverages our temporal database. We provide activity and relationship intelligence to automatically capture sales activity and enrich contacts, thus saving time and having clean data with CRM auto-population.

In addition to CI, we provide customer intent, real-time coaching during call, call notes synced back to CRM, deal and forecast intelligence integrated with AE activity intelligence and predictive analytics, product and competitor insights, visual cues and coaching via computer vision.

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