Enrich every conversation with rich AI insights into what works and what doesn’t

Aviso’s conversational intelligence metrics are designed to help improve internal team alignment, with qualitative and quantitative insights to change specific sales behaviors.

Meeting Effectiveness

Aviso’s SmartTranscription uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automatically transcribe minutes of your meeting into meaning efficiency metrics. Audio markers help highlight each speaker. Aviso also helps identify each speaker’s talk-to-listen ratio and shows who’s dominating the conversation and who should speak up more in future calls.

Sentiment Analysis

Aviso also helps sales teams go beyond effectiveness metrics by analyzing bias due to overconfidence or pessimism. Aviso’s sentiment analysis feature provides visual indicators to show how your forecast call truly went and how your customers are actually feeling. With insights into meetings’ overall tone  and positive, neutral, or negative sentiment, teams can better help each other and serve executives and customers’ needs.

SmartTranscription Keywords + Highlights

Aviso Smart Transcripts and Highlights uses NLP to summarize and find underlying patterns. Aviso generates keyword highlights of customer calls, which are searchable and indexed. AI insights point out areas of concern, and post-call summary and actions help align teams. Aviso uses text and speech analysis, as well as sentiment analysis to give insights into what works best for communication. Users can also bookmark questions asked and be ready with answers in their next calls.

Under the Hood

Conversational Intelligence is powered by Aviso AI’s Natural Language Processing capabilities alongside speech-to-text computing. Our proprietary time series database allows for a historical tracking of past meetings to supercharge the custom insights we provide.

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