TUE NOV 15 2022

Conduct Effective Sales Conversations with Aviso’s Notetaker

by Noel Abhishek

The pandemic transformed the whole business landscape and sales channels. Virtual selling is now a norm and is here to stay in this hybrid working environment.

Currently, sales reps across industries take close to 20-35 calls a day – each at a different stage in the sales pipeline. Keeping track of all conversations, transcribing calls, following up on the correct action items, collaborating with peers and teams, making entries into respective CRMs, and reporting back to sales leaders with all this information can be arduous. Sales reps need help in tracking conversations, which includes taking notes, recording calls, and transcripting.

Aviso’s Notetaker bot powered by Conversational Intelligence (CI) is that solution.

Why do Salespeople Need Aviso Notetaker?

At its core, Aviso’s AI-driven CI integrates with various conferencing tools including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and accesses native meeting recordings (recorded by meeting service providers and typically stored in their cloud).

While native integration is the primary and preferred solution for accessing recordings, there are certain scenarios where native integration is not viable. For example:

  • The meeting host is from an external organization, such as a client or a vendor (not Aviso’s user organization).
  • Aviso’s user organization does not have the native recording and storage capability offered by their meeting provider.

In such instances, Aviso’s Notetaker can provide a solution that complements the existing native integration.

How to Use Aviso Notetaker - A Conversational Intelligence Feature

Aviso CI now offers the Notetaker feature. Users can configure the Notetaker to join some or all their meetings regardless of who hosts the meeting.

The Aviso Notetaker can read meetings from the user’s calendar and join them at the scheduled time. Users can also configure the Notetaker to only join the external meetings (hosted by someone outside their organization), internal meetings (hosted by someone in the organization), or both. To access the user’s calendar and fetch meetings, the Notetaker leverages several calendar APIs.

Calendar integration is the preferred approach, as the Notetaker automatically joins meetings without any user intervention. Another approach is inviting the Notetaker as a participant in the meeting. The recordings are imported into collaboration workspaces where the complete recording along with the full transcription and insights are available.

Benefits of Aviso Notetaker

Apart from recording and transcribing external calls, Aviso also offers real-time call guidance through the notetaker. Salespeople can now add a checklist of questions or a list of prompts they would like to ask in each stage, along with recommended responses. This makes it easy for them to follow suggested talk tracks and sales methodologies.

Aviso’s Conversational Intelligence with Notetaker empowers salespeople to improve their talk tracks through sentiment and buyer analysis. It equips sales leaders to coach sales reps effectively using keyword, thematic, and context analysis, especially in a remote or hybrid selling environment. It also helps sales leaders improve their decision-making process based on hard evidence in terms of team and individual rep performance. 

To learn more about Aviso’s Conversational Intelligence and Notetaker, schedule a free demo here.