THU OCT 06 2022

Drive Sales Engagement With Aviso’s Smart Integrations

by Bithika Bishesh

Data and technology integrations are crucial for streamlining a process or achieving a business goal across two or more systems. And yet, one of the most common concerns from business software customers today is the lack of integration.

Unifying data provides a complete, accurate, and secure view of what is going on in an organization by allowing the teams to execute more robust and detailed analyses. It especially helps revenue and sales leaders deliver significant ROI by

  • Driving revenue intelligence
  • Making their business more transparent and agile
  • Driving digital transformation and differentiation
  • Consolidating sales technology and streamlining the processes
  • Reducing technology costs and operational bottlenecks
  • Building and improving customer relationships.

Don’t worry; Aviso has got you covered!

Aviso: An Integrated Platform For a Unified View

Aviso’s proprietary integration-hybrid extract, load, transform (ELT) framework sets up connections to multiple data sources (enterprise data warehouse or other business systems whose data can be accessed via APIs). It then brings together disparate data sources to present the enterprise data in a single pane of glass.

Aviso integrates with top-selling tools to help you sell better and provide sales teams with a unified view of their engagement through a range of technologies. Our smart integrations include:

  • CRM Integration
  • Meetings Integration
  • Email and Calendar Integration
  • Messaging Integration
  • Single Sign-On Integration
  • Market Intelligence Integration
  • Marketing Automation Integration
  • Product Management Integration
  • Cloud Content Collaboration Integration
  • Customer Success Integration
  • Ticketing System Integration
  • Data Provider Integration
  • Sales Enablement Integration

CRM Integration

Connect customer interactions with CRM data, identify deals at risk, and get Aviso insights across your CRM stages!

Aviso has rich CRM integrations with most of the major CRM providers that deliver ROI through marketing automation, customer service, and sales force automation.

But there’s more. We effectively manage CRM-related tasks too!

As per Forbes, the biggest frustration for sales reps is managing CRM because over half the amount of time they spend in CRM is in spreadsheets. Aviso eliminates this manual data entry as interactions instantly get captured across emails, meetings, and chats. Aviso can also pull in data from multiple CRM instances and give our customers the option of writing back into CRM as a system of records. 

See below the list of CRM providers Aviso integrates with.

Meetings Integration

Make virtual selling more productive! 

Aviso integrates with popular video conferencing solutions like Zoom, BlueJeans, Google Meet, etc. ensuring your revenue teams can glean critical conversation insights from every call. 

Aviso can transcribe the meeting recording, analyze it, and provide rich insights to both reps and managers. This ultimately helps move the conversation forward with buyers and provides managers with improvement or coaching areas for reps. 

Following are the meeting platforms Aviso integrates with.

Email and Calendar Integration

Aviso integrates with the key calendar and email providers to give you the richest customer data. All our email, meetings, and calendar integrations can be configured with customers' credentials so that Aviso can pull the data directly. 

Here’s the list of popular providers Aviso integrates with.

Messaging Integration

Get AI-powered nudges to identify deal risks and improve sales performance!

Aviso integrates with instant messaging systems like Slack and Microsoft Teams to provide revenue intelligence using nudge-based notifications. Aviso delivers over 30 timely nudges that guide you to proactively execute the right next steps on deals, stay on track to meet your forecast, and hit revenue targets faster.

With Aviso’s nudges, sales and go-to-market teams can better close the loop between forecasting and deal execution. For instance, deal nudges reveal what has (and hasn’t) happened in your deals, for how long, and what next steps to take so you can close enough pipeline to meet the number you called, and the WinScore nudge recommends you to include or exclude deals from the forecast based on the score. 

See below the messaging platforms Aviso integrates with.

Single Sign-On Integration

With Aviso’s single sign-on (SSO) software providers, users can sign into different applications or databases using a single set of credentials. The aim of these SSO tools is not only to enhance user experience while switching between applications but also to minimize effort for developers and IT administrators by centralizing access management. 

Here’s the list of SSO providers Aviso integrates with.

Market Intelligence Integration

Aviso uses market intelligence platforms to pull publicly available data about companies and prospects from multiple sources and provide organizations with a database for viewing the information. The information gathered is used to create records or combine them with existing CRM data, saving time wasted in manual data entry. 

See below the popular marketing intelligence providers Aviso integrates with.

Marketing Automation Integration

Aviso integrates with marketing automation software to automate marketing tasks, streamline marketing workflows, and measure the outcomes of marketing campaigns. These platforms provide automation features across multiple aspects of marketing, including email, social media, lead generation, direct mail, digital advertising, and more. 

Here are the marketing automation software providers Aviso integrates with.

Product Management Integration

Aviso’s integration with product management software providers helps in developing and improving a business’ products quickly and efficiently. They allow users to assign work to different people, track progress, and measure productivity. While these tools are primarily used by product managers and product teams, they also provide increased transparency and insight into product development for other departments, including marketing and sales.

See below the list of advanced product management software Aviso integrates with.

Cloud Content Collaboration Integration

Aviso integrates with several content collaboration software providers to provide dedicated cloud storage and file sharing solutions. These tools allow users to easily store, share, create, collaborate on, and find content within the system and are available from multiple types of devices.

Following are the cloud content collaboration providers Aviso integrates with.

Customer Success Integration

Some of the critical sales objectives are to increase customer base and retention and improve sales productivity and processes.

Aviso integrates with customer success tools, such as Gainsight, providing a 360 view of interaction and engagement between a GTM team and its prospects and customers. This helps users identify any red flags and mitigate them in time to retain clients. 

See below the list of customer success software providers Aviso integrates with.

Ticketing System Integration

Aviso’s integration with ticket creation software, Zendesk, lets you communicate with customers via any channel (chat, email, voice, and social messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook, etc.) while maintaining all the interactions and necessary information in one place for your reps. This helps foster better customer relationships by getting personalized solutions to complex issues. 

Here are the ticket creation software providers Aviso integrates with.

Data Provider Integration

Aviso integrates with database providers to get industry-specific company database and contact information such as job title, direct dial, and email addresses. This enables sales representatives, marketing leaders, recruiters and decision-makers to connect faster, engage seamlessly and start prospecting without any delay.

Here are the popular data providers Aviso integrated with.

Sales Enablement Integration

Aviso integrates with several sales enablement tools to help salespeople track prospect and customer engagement and be more prepared during calls and presentations.

Aviso’s CI platform captures and analyzes over 1000+ signals to help reps say more of the right things on every call, execute next-best actions and drive deals over the finish line faster. We use Outreach's click-to-call dialers to allow users to make calls instantly, regardless of the application they are using. Sales teams can use the software to record live calls and automatically upload call notes into Salesforce.

Our integration with SalesHood enables more sellers to perform like the best and boosts sales performance. Additionally, Aviso integrates with Highspot to combine customer engagement, rep coaching, intelligent content management, training, and contextual guidance with end-to-end analytics and AI. This empowers organizations to provide a ​​unified buying experience and elevate customer conversations to drive strategic growth.

To help organizations take more control of how they interact with their clients, Aviso also integrates with Salesloft, giving sales teams enhanced communications with sales calls and email tracking capabilities all in one location. This provides users with more efficient and revenue-boosting sales.

Aviso is truly Data Agnostic. It can pull in data from multiple source systems — emails, calendars, contacts, deal room conversations, or anything that is an Application Programming Interface!

Save time and find opportunities for the growth of your business. Become an Aviso customer now!