MON SEP 11 2023

The Power of Contextual Topic Models in the B2B Sales Journey

by Bithika Bishesh

In today's complex B2B sales landscape, understanding the customer's journey from initial contact to final procurement and beyond is vital. The more a business knows about its customer's journey, the better positioned it is to meet the customer's needs, address their concerns, and close successful deals. 

With every interaction providing potential insights into customer behavior, intent, and decision-making, it becomes essential to employ AI-driven tools that can track, measure, and analyze these intricate dynamics. 

Contextual topic models offer a powerful tool for gaining this understanding. They represent a significant leap forward in topic modeling, providing the depth, accuracy, and comprehensiveness that traditional models lack. 

In the competitive world of B2B sales, such a tool can make all the difference!

The Power of Contextual Topic Models

As we delve into the next generation of topic modeling, we encounter a game-changer: Contextual Topic Models. These AI-driven tools go beyond the limited scope of word-level tracking, comprehending the relationships and sequence of words in a sentence. This in-depth analysis provides a much richer and more accurate picture of customer interaction.

In comparison to their statistical counterparts, contextual models deliver a more nuanced and accurate representation of customer interactions. Traditional statistical models focus on specific words within a conversation, missing the broader context that these words are embedded within. They lack the capability to understand the relationships that these words share within a sentence or conversation. On the other hand, contextual models analyze the associations and sequences of words, painting a holistic picture of the dialogue.

Aviso’s Context-Based Topic Models

In a competitive B2B sales landscape where every interaction can make or break a deal, harnessing the power of contextual models could be the key to unlocking new opportunities and achieving success. Whether utilized for building dashboards, alerts, or surfacing actionable insights, these models promise high-quality, comprehensive coverage of customer interactions.

Aviso has made significant strides by introducing 40 specialized topics throughout the sales lifecycle. Having different topic models across various stages of the sales cycle is instrumental in capturing insights more effectively.

  • Provides actionable insights- These models are engineered to provide actionable insights. They empower sales leaders to identify vital patterns such as the frequency of pricing objections or concerns about product quality. These insights provide a valuable basis for strategy formulation and adjustments.
  • Helps in timely risk identification- Perhaps one of the most powerful features of Aviso’s contextual topic model is its ability to identify potential risks. If a customer hints at a need to delay a decision, the model detects this subtle sign and flags it for the sales team. This timely alert allows sales leaders the chance to respond proactively, possibly averting the deal from being deferred to the next quarter.
  • Covers entire buyer journey- Aviso’s topic models offer end-to-end coverage of the buying cycle, from the initial discovery phase to the final stages of adoption and feedback. At each stage, these models track the key topics under discussion, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the customer's journey. 
  • Out-of-the box Topics- These models offer out-of-the-box topics that are primed for use from the first call, eliminating the need for complex configurations. 

Trained on a variety of customer datasets- Aviso’s topic models are trained on a diverse range of customer datasets spanning multiple industries. This wide array of exposure enables the model to learn and discern different patterns, allowing it to fit seamlessly into any business context. No matter your industry or customer demographic, these models can add depth and nuance to your understanding of customer interactions.


Artificial intelligence has already transformed many aspects of B2B sales, and the area of topic modeling is no exception. With AI-powered tools like contextual topic models, businesses can not only track and measure customer interactions more effectively but also analyze these interactions to draw meaningful insights. This ability to convert raw data into actionable strategies is a significant competitive advantage.

As AI continues to evolve, we can expect to see models that are even more refined, more precise, and better able to adapt to the nuances of human conversation. This evolution will further enhance businesses' ability to understand their customers, tailor their offerings, and ultimately succeed in their objectives.

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