FRI OCT 13 2023

NYSE Explores Aviso's Vision for Unified Revenue Intelligence

by Bithika Bishesh

The dynamic world of sales and technology witnesses constant change. Amid this transformation, Trevor Rodrigues Templar, CEO of Aviso AI, during his interview with the New York Stock Exchange, underlined a paramount need — the importance of consolidating numerous tools into a single, coherent revenue intelligence platform. A unified "single pane of glass" not just for efficiency, but for clarity, direction, and maximized outcomes.

The Problem of Plenty

In recent years, the sales tech arena has exploded, offering a myriad of tools, each promising to be the panacea for specific sales challenges. But this abundance comes with its own issues. Businesses grapple with a "sales stack bloat," presenting two primary dilemmas:

  • Complexity of the Stack: With numerous tools and platforms available, integration becomes a formidable challenge, primarily when different platforms don't share the same data model. This disconnect can lead to inefficient processes, misaligned strategies, and missed opportunities.
  • Connectivity to Outcomes: While data collection capabilities have grown exponentially, there’s often a significant gap between the data captured and its correlation to tangible business outcomes. This means that while teams have access to mountains of information, determining its actual impact on the top or bottom lines becomes a puzzle.

With platforms becoming increasingly intertwined across various departments, the ability to offer multiple functionalities, like forecasting and call recording, becomes a significant advantage. Such multifunctionality not only streamlines operations but also provides users with the confidence to evaluate if the investment in the technology truly adds value. Beyond just consolidation for financial efficiency, this integration also eliminates the "swivel chair" effect, bringing in efficiency, clarity, and strategic alignment.

Why Aviso stands apart

Why Aviso? Aviso combats the “sales stack bloat” by offering an end-to-end solution, ensuring that businesses can unify different elements of their processes in one platform.

  • Scalability and Customization: Aviso shines particularly for large organizations with intricate sales hierarchies. While competitors often overlay Salesforce, Aviso empowers businesses to operate uniquely, without being chained to rigid platforms. Such flexibility facilitates experimentation, allows business to run varied pricing models and do complex forecasting and planning (such as review and bookings in the same tenant or usage-based). The underlying potent AI ensures everything remains pinpoint accurate.
  • Versatile Data Handling: Aviso’s system presents a consolidated, single-pane intelligence view across multiple platforms – whether that's CRM, Zoom meetings, emails, or calendar events – underscoring the remarkable efficiency and cost advantages on offer. Whether it's handling multiple CRM instances or other data sources such as ERP, finance, or support systems, Aviso is agile. Its time-series database accommodates both structured and unstructured data, be it from emails, voice, or videos. Integration with data reservoirs like Snowflake or Redshift isn't just possible; it's seamless. And with Generative AI, anyone can converse with the system, asking questions and drawing insights without the need for technical expertise.
  • Consolidation for Efficiency: Aviso brings all of your tools together in one platform.  Aviso has unified different elements of the sales, marketing and customer success processes. This provides customers tremendous value as they can operate with a unified data model across sales enablement, marketing automation, sales engagement, revenue operations and CRO & CFO level planning and management. This saves companies costs by reducing their tooling and complexity, while tying their data to actual outcomes. 

Beyond Consolidation: True Business Alignment

Aviso isn't just about combining tools. It's a visionary approach to how businesses should operate in today's hyper-competitive landscape. By removing the "swivel chair" effect of jumping between tools, Aviso ensures teams can focus on what truly matters: serving customers, innovating strategies, and driving growth.

It isn't just about financial efficiency. This is about operational clarity, aligning teams under a single vision, and drawing insights that directly connect to real-world outcomes. With forecasting, call recording, and other functionalities integrated, users gain the confidence to measure the true ROI of their tech investments.

Aviso AI, with its commitment to this unified vision, is leading this transformative journey, providing businesses the clarity they need amidst the noise. The future of revenue intelligence is not in isolation but in integration. And with platforms like Aviso, the path forward is not just clear but also promising.

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