THU JUN 15 2023

The Next Step In AI Evolution: Beyond GPT To Enterprise-Ready Generative AI

by Bithika Bishesh

Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT-4 have become the poster child for the possibilities of generative artificial intelligence. Their ability to create a wide range of content, from text to images and music, has sparked widespread interest and considerable anticipation. However, like every technological marvel, LLMs come with their own set of challenges that have limited their full potential in enterprise applications. These challenges range from ethical considerations, data security, to computational efficiency, among others.

In this blog, we will discuss how an innovative AI platform can conquer the challenges associated with LLMs, unlocking its immense potential to drive your business forward.

Challenges with Off-the-Shelf Generative AI models

OpenAI's ChatGPT is shaking up the tech scene big time. It's got us questioning why we ever bothered with complicated screens to handle big data. These days, we're stoked about how the tool can quickly boil down and make sense of huge data sets.

What's really awesome is that ChatGPT can spot patterns and apply them across all sorts of businesses. The potential here is off the charts. Still, we gotta watch out for security and privacy issues and remember the rough patches OpenAI hit with companies like Samsung and JP Morgan, not to mention run-ins with European privacy rules.

  1. Privacy Issues: OpenAI has insight and access to all data shared via ChatGPT, opening huge risk floodgates for confidentiality breaches. Sharing confidential information through API calls to GPT models can inadvertently expose sensitive data, leading to potential data breaches and regulatory violations.
  2. Hallucination & False Creativity: GPT models, such as those by OpenAI, may sometimes generate content that is not grounded in reality, also known as hallucinations. These hallucinations can result in misleading or incorrect information, necessitating moderation and reducing the reliability of the generated content. Furthermore, these models often create a semblance of creativity that might be mistaken for genuine human creativity or connection. Referred to as a 'stochastic parrot,' GPT can generate novel and surprising responses, which can give the illusion of true creativity.
  3. Not Fine-Tuned for Sales Conversations: GPT models may not be specifically tailored for sales-related tasks and conversations. ChatGPT provides generic responses that it has learnt from the vast internet data. Consequently, GPT models may struggle with understanding and generating effective sales content without additional fine-tuning or specialized training.
  4. Lack of Personalization: To effectively use generative AI in sales, multiple AI models and recommendation frameworks are needed to analyze conversations and generate personalized content. These may include topic models, emotion analysis, seniority identification, recent context, time series databases, and next best action frameworks. Relying solely on generic GPT models may not provide the desired level of personalization.

For example, if a customer raises a pricing objection and you seek ChatGPT's support it provides a generic response, such as talk about value proposition, consider discount, share customer reference. To provides more specific and relevant recommendations, a relevant knowledgebase is required along with the context of the conversation. And the only way ChatGPT gets the context of the deal is when you pass all the content to the model and that is where data privacy issues arise.

Aviso’s Platform Approach: Integrating Gen AI 

Generative AI functionality can bring in additional value only if underlying core models are robust and accurate. In addition, ChatGPT’s security and privacy issues has made it crucial that we carefully leverage LLMs (large language models). Hence there is a need to train these models using in-house data, remove hallucinations, get precise answers & self-remediate in a secure trusted environment.

Aviso has integrated GPT's Generative AI capabilities to already rich Aviso's AI features to bring in more rep efficiency.

1. In-House Models: Aviso AI utilizes internally developed models to produce accurate, grammatically sound meeting summaries and identify action items automatically. These in-house models:

  • provide greater control over the results
  • enable continuous improvement and customization to meet specific customer needs. 
  • avoid hallucinations and the need for moderation, 
  • provide more reliable results than those of Open AI models. 
  • ensure data privacy, and security

2. Robust Framework and Personalization: Aviso came up with carefully designed frameworks that can handle different scenarios in a deal lifecycle. These AI models and recommendation frameworks: 

  • help in generating accurate prompts and thereby generate most relevant email suggestions. 
  • can be personalized based on the buyer seniority, emotion identified during the call, aspects driving sentiment to ensure best possible messaging goes out to buyers.

Aviso leverages, Rather than relying on generic suggestions from GPT models, Aviso leverages a "next best action" framework based on historical data.

3. Domain-Specific Language Models: Aviso trains domain-specific language models on smaller, specialized datasets for tasks such as sentiment analysis and topic modeling within a particular domain. These models are tailored to understand specific language patterns and terminologies, often outperforming larger models in their area of specialization. 

We Keep Your Data Secure & Private

  • Aviso leverages open source Generative AI models that are hosted on Aviso servers. So, no data leaves our ecosystem and hence there are no data privacy concerns.
  • Aviso primarily harnesses the power of Generative AI models to understand language, not specifically the content they have been trained on. The actual content originates from Aviso's best-in-class time series database.
  • Aviso stores every tenant/customer's data in a separate database to ensure complete data isolation. Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.
  • Aviso services can be deployed in EU region to ensure that any company's data remains within EU boundaries.

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Every entity, whether it be a company, an individual, or a business, operates as a language-driven enterprise. Language is an inherent part of their operations. If you can enhance and improve existing language processes, there is a significant opportunity for widespread adoption within the industry.

Aviso AI offers an innovative platform that addresses the challenges posed by GPT and other large language models (LLMs) models. Our platform is well-equipped to unlock the full potential of generative AI, offering unparalleled value to its customers.

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