THU JUL 27 2023

Harnessing AI for Earnings Call Analysis: A New Era for Sales Representatives

by Bithika Bishesh

As the world is increasingly swept by digital transformation, businesses are faced with the mammoth task of staying ahead of the curve. An often-overlooked treasure trove of insights that can offer guidance in this journey is the earnings call. By diving into these strategic dialogues, we can unearth valuable intelligence about business trends, industry outlook, and strategic direction.

In our previous blog, we discussed how Aviso's AI-powered earnings call analysis uncovers trends, sentiment, and strategies in the earnings calls of industry giants such as Schlumberger, Blackstone, and Bank of America. Let's now delve into why earnings call analysis should be part of your business intelligence arsenal and how AI technology is revolutionizing this field.

Earnings Call- A Repository of Company Information

Earnings calls are a crucial source of information for sales reps, as they offer insights into a company's performance, strategy, and outlook. 

Using this publicly available information, smart sellers have a platform to research and do their pre-meeting homework on big enterprise companies so that they can understand the CXO level opinions and vision, see the direction that the company is heading towards and create a PoV (point of view) of the company from the perspective of the product they are selling. 

The Art of Earnings Call Analysis: Beyond Numbers

The landscape of today's business environment is rich in data. However, making sense of this data, especially the unstructured data contained in earnings calls, is a challenge. These calls often brim with such a dense wealth of information, it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Here lies the art and science of earnings call analysis, turning complex financial dialogues into actionable insights. This process is about dissecting the narrative, understanding the sentiment, and connecting the dots between industry outlook, strategic direction, and financial performance..

Generative AI is super powerful here! It can take big, complex ideas from earnings calls and make them simple and useful for salespeople.

Get Key Insights from Earnings Call Using Aviso’s Generative AI

Today’s buyer-seller engagement anyways lacks urgency, and buyers, more often than not, have an automated thought process to filter out any generic/ not well-researched email or touch base from a sales rep. A well researched sales pitch with a differentiated point of view that solves or aligns to the company’s direction, is key for a differentiated buyer experience which is highly critical in the recent volatile decision making environment we are in.  

According to a 2023 Gartner report - “Relatedly, B2B buyers report spending exceedingly little time with sales reps. Only 17% of the total purchase journey is spent in such interactions. Considering the average deal involves multiple suppliers, any given sales rep has roughly 5% of a customer’s total purchase time.” 

Analyzing company earnings calls can provide significant benefits for sales reps before they start their workday. This is where the transformative capability of Aviso’s Generative AI comes into play.

  • Aviso’s Generative AI has the potential to meticulously scrutinize these earnings calls, gleaning insights about a company's overall health and performance. This treasure trove of information can be leveraged by sales reps to fine-tune their strategies, significantly improving their chances of winning deals.
  • Furthermore, sales reps can gain an understanding of how industry leaders are adapting to external shifts, that pose significant challenges affecting stakeholders across the value chain, from suppliers to customers, impacting both the company and the industry at large. This perspective on the strategies employed by these leaders to maintain their competitive edge can serve as a blueprint for their own strategies.
  • Earnings call analysis provides a thorough view of the competitive field. Comprehending industry leaders' adaptation to changes and strategies aids in drawing parallels to your own situation.
  • Understanding the current state of the business can also give sales reps an edge when it comes to identifying new opportunities and making informed decisions about sales strategies. Aviso’s Generative AI can identify specific areas where the company may be looking to invest or cut costs. This can help reps tailor their value proposition to align with the company's goals and priorities, making them more effective in their sales efforts. 
  • And the insights don't end there. Earnings calls often serve as a launchpad for unveiling new products or upgrades to existing ones. This information offers sales representatives an early insight into market expectations, arming them with the knowledge needed to stay ahead of the curve.


In an era where time with customers is precious, integrating Generative AI into the sales process can act as a sales rep's secret weapon.  Leveraging such advanced technology is not merely an option anymore, it's a prerequisite for survival and success in the increasingly competitive and discerning B2B sales landscape.

Generative AI, when applied to analyzing earnings calls, empowers sales reps with a goldmine of strategic insights. 

Aviso leverages large language models (LLM) and Generative AI to analyze earnings calls. Our AI-powered analysis opens doors for sales reps to truly understand their clients, stay ahead of market expectations and make a genuine impact. It’s not just about mining data but about uncovering narratives that build stronger, well-informed relationships in the B2B journey.

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