Aviso Names Former FICO and CIO Claus Moldt and ex-UIPath & Microsoft Head of AI Products Prabhdeep (PD) Singh as Chief Advisors

Newly appointed Chief Technology and Chief AI Advisors join following debut of industry’s first AI Chief of Staff at New York Stock Exchange 

REDWOOD CITY, CA. July 20, 2023 – Aviso, the only end-to-end AI revenue operating system, announced two new Advisors have joined the company from the AI and CRM software industry: Claus Moldt, previously Global Chief Information Officer at and Chief Product Officer and CIO at FICO, and Prabhdeep (PD) Singh, former Head of AI Products at UiPath and Microsoft. Claus and PD will play instrumental roles as Chief Advisors helping scale Aviso’s AI Chief of Staff, MIKI, and Aviso’s industry-leading AI Revenue Operating System.

AI is now the no. 1 item on CNBC’s list of top technology areas to spend on, topping the list at 47 percent and more than doubling the next closest category. Productivity benefits are well documented for Generative AI, but a growing number of companies including leaders in banking, retail and financial services have banned the use of popular open source LLM in the workplace due to lack of protection and confidentiality over sensitive data. 

Debuting at NYSE the industry’s first AI Chief of Staff - MIKI - uses Aviso’s own proprietary LLM to provide secure, personalized experiences across revenue and GTM teams, saving users 8-10 hours a week by making insights from CRM, Cloud Databases, ERP, emails, recorded meetings, and other GTM datasets more accurate, actionable and instantaneously accessible. MIKI’s recommendations are generated from disparate data sources and several AI models that understand all aspects of the sales cycle, individual role and user, all within Aviso’s secure platform. All data is encrypted within Aviso’s proprietary, secure and carefully designed frameworks, unlike alternatives from legacy providers that risk exposing sensitive and confidential data. 

“This is an exciting time akin to the cloud boom in the early 2000s where we saw new category leaders emerge,” said Claus Moldt, Chief Technology Advisor of Aviso AI. “What excites me the most about Aviso is their diligent approach to getting the most out of both structured and unstructured data, helping their customers turn them into accurate and actionable insights prompted by the specific use cases and roles. This level of detailed assistance was typically reserved for management, so what Aviso has done in providing a Chief of Staff for all its customers is a tremendous advantage.” 

“When every company considered jumping on the ChatGPT bandwagon, only a select few remained true to their commitment of using Generative AI safely and securely to help customers tap in their existing data and accelerate their businesses confidently,” said PD Singh, Chief AI Advisor of Aviso AI. “Generative AI’s growth in the enterprise is entirely dependent on the accuracy of the datasets it analyzes. Aviso remains true to its mission of using AI to drive better outcomes by helping their customers get more out of their datasets to adapt and steer their businesses as they see fit. I’m honored to work with Aviso to continue spearheading next generation experiences in revenue and GTM.” 

“Every company now has the potential to build and benefit from Generative AI and create new kinds of value in their Sales function,” said Trevor Rodrigues-Templar, President & CEO of Aviso AI. “We’re pleased to bring on two exceptional leaders and operators in Claus and PD, both with extensive experience scaling innovative products that support customer and revenue growth throughout their careers at Salesforce, UIPath and Microsoft.”

Aviso’s end-to-end AI platform helps businesses like New Relic, Armis and RingCentral by putting the power of AI in the fingertips of CROs, RevOps, Sales Managers and Reps. MIKI - which stands for Machine Intelligent Knowledge Interface - in the first and most secure Generative AI interface for revenue and GTM Teams. 

About Aviso AI 

Aviso is a Revenue Operating System that helps GTM teams deliver 98%+ accurate forecasts, predict future pipeline, and win more deals. The AI platform delivers integrated revenue intelligence, team-wide actions and course corrections, and augments sales teams while reducing the burden of CRM. Leaders such as Honeywell, New Relic, Elastic, Armis, and RingCentral have standardized on Aviso to manage revenue, gaining over 55% net new revenue per rep, 40% higher win rates, 160% higher pipeline conversion rates, and over 31% faster sales cycles.

Aviso is backed by Storm Ventures, Scale Venture Partners, Shasta Ventures, and leading Silicon Valley and global technology investors.

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