THU AUG 04 2022

6 Tactics To Boost Sales Productivity

by Abishek Allapanda

“A man who dares to waste an hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” — Charles Darwin

If only we had more time! 

It’s a jungle out there when you’re in the world of sales and it’s easy to get lost in time sinks that can bottle productivity and effectiveness. Sales reps are often plagued by inefficiencies in systems, tools, and processes, which waste their time and hold them back from focusing their efforts on what really matters – to sell.

B2B revenue teams are no different. The key challenge is that tools and software aren’t mature or intelligent enough to give sales and revenue leaders the right insights which can augment their sales team and drive go-to-market alignment.

That’s why the AI Revenue Intelligence Platform from Aviso amazes its customers and prospects.

Beyond analyzing your reps’ activities in real-time, Aviso’s RO&I platform helps you automate repetitive rep tasks, nudges reps with guided actions on which deals to dig deeper into and which ones to drop, and gives managers new tools to drive sales coaching and enablement. This helps boost sales reps’ productivity and performance significantly. Furthermore, if you are in a remote or hybrid selling environment, this AI-powered single pane of glass platform can do wonders for your sales and revenue teams.

Given below are six proven tactics to boost your sales reps’ and leaders’ productivity by giving them more time to focus on winning more deals. 

Automate CRM Data Entry

Sales reps are wasting every one out of three minutes of valuable selling time on CRM data entry. Spending a lot of time manually entering data into CRM systems can often be a tedious and repetitive task, leading to mistakes, errors, and frustration.

Automating this process is an excellent solution for companies looking to not just save time and money, but also increase reps’ productivity. It reduces the risk of errors in data entry and simplifies reporting processes ultimately enabling reps to focus their time and energy on key selling activities and bringing cost efficiencies to the organization.

Aviso’s autonomous approach to CRM captures and syncs contact and activity data into CRM as interactions automatically get captured instantly across emails, meetings, and chats. This eliminates administrative data entry and helps sales and revenue leaders save valuable resources.

Streamline Deal Strategy Sessions

Collaboration is key in the sales process. To achieve success, you need to work closely with your sales team, account managers, and revenue operations teams. However, this collaboration can be difficult when all these teams are located in different places.

A new trend is emerging: war rooms. These are collaborative spaces, usually set up in a virtual environment, where everyone has access to the same data and information in real-time. These virtual rooms allow sales teams to work together on a deal without being distracted by their surroundings or missing out on important information. They also help with account planning by brainstorming creative ideas for campaigns to run for clients.

Aviso enables a revenue command center to give you ONE workspace across your entire customer lifecycle. With this, you get the ability to set up meetings, create and share call transcripts, review deals, get documents signed, and celebrate wins all within a single platform.

Automate Reminders (Nudges)

Automated reminders can be very helpful for sales purposes. There are different types of reminders that are available today, such as in-app notifications, push notifications, email notifications, SMS notifications, and automated phone calls.

A study conducted by Salesforce has shown that the use of automated reminders is one of the most effective ways to increase sales effectiveness.

Aviso’s Deal Acceleration helps you speed up deals by delivering over 30+ timely nudges powered by AI. These nudges can guide your teams to proactively execute the right next steps on deals, stay on track to meet your forecast, and hit revenue targets faster.

Customer-Centric Sales Execution

The customer lifecycle is a crucial part of the sales process because it helps determine what type of content and information to provide to customers. It has four stages: informational, guidance, champion, and retention. Each stage has different needs and goals with specific content requirements to be successful. 

It is critical for sales and revenue leaders and managers to track these stages and ensure their go-to-market teams are aligned at each stage. It does not just help the GTM teams stay productive but can be the difference between winning or losing critical deals.

As part of the deal inspection offering, Aviso enables Action Plans to show you a visual timeline of milestones that have been completed or are currently in progress due to roadblocks. This capability helps managers notice when several milestones are overdue, or sellers are ahead of schedule, but they skipped tasks to get there. This results in enforcing process adherence, discussing process discrepancies in collaboration rooms, and improving rep productivity.

Enhance Sales Coaching with AI

Sales managers struggle to coach their reps effectively when they don’t get full visibility into all the deal activities. There’s no way to ensure reps stick to the playbook and execute the right actions for every deal. It’s not practical for sales leaders and managers to attend every call or listen to recordings to understand what’s happening and how top reps continue to succeed while others fail to hit their quota.

A sales coaching platform can provide automated insights into reps’ deal activities and coaching areas. Sales managers can identify these coaching areas and the top rep behaviors to train each rep into a rockstar.

Aviso’s Coaching and Enablement solution, with its advanced AI capabilities, gives you unbiased answers and insights on which deals to pull in and out of commits, understand the true nature of the rep-buyer relationship, NLP-based analysis of what top reps do on every call, and provides context-driven spaces to collaborate effectively.

Drive Holistic Engagement

Is your sales organization engaging enough with prospects? Are they saying the right things? How do you know what’s working and what’s not?

To better understand conversations and relationships your teams are building, you need insights across the spectrum. These insights include mapping customer sentiment and emotion in every deal context and identifying relevant actions to keep momentum.

Aviso’s Conversational Intelligence mines customer intent by analyzing data from every touchpoint so your reps can prioritize the right deals. The buyer’s intent is analyzed based on both text and acoustic features (like pitch, range, speech rate, intensity, inflection, and voice quality). This NLP-driven analysis reveals hidden cues and helps your sales reps determine buyers’ said and unsaid feelings about your product to decide on the next steps.

When it comes to measuring sales team activities, quality always beats quantity. True productivity must measure efficiency as well as effectiveness. Increasing the time your reps spend with prospective customers is usually the first step to unlocking your revenue potential.

The most progressive sales and revenue leaders believe solving sales productivity challenges will significantly impact their revenue growth. Have you started thinking about the critical and non-critical activities for your sales and revenue team? Reach out today to see how Aviso and its AI Revenue Intelligence Platform can help you win more deals faster and increase win rates. It’s your best bet at transforming your sales organization with AI.