SUN SEP 06 2020

A Week in the Life of a Virtual Sales Team with AI

by Amit Pande
Here at Aviso, we believe that the overarching purpose of great technology is to improve the end user experience in their daily work lives and provide tangible benefits for all users. From a design perspective and angle, developing empathy for users and understanding how they work in real life is a vital component for optimizing your sales processes. Given the current circumstances of our world, with virtual selling at its peak, connecting with your audience is more important than ever. From pre-week pulse checks, mid week nudges, to end of the week coaching and action plans, Aviso’s AI Compass helps guide all revenue players to maximize your sales processes from beginning to end. Aviso’s Guided Selling platform closes the loop and bridges performance gaps by providing meaningful insights through the intersection of human judgement and top-notch AI technology. Read more to discover what a week in the life of sales of AI looks like with Aviso.

Develop a clear plan of action before the week even begins.

Having enjoyed a relaxing weekend with family and friends, it’s time to prepare for the upcoming work week. While this may be a daunting task for many, Aviso makes this process effortless by delivering a weekly briefing that summarizes all insights that your sales representatives and revenue leaders need to know to tackle the week with ultimate clarity and confidence. Every Sunday night, Aviso sends a pulse check surrounding sales forecasting and deal management so your team can construct a clear-cut plan. The heart of all and any business is the customer. Through our conversational intelligence, sentiment analysis, and customer rooms technology, we help you maintain key relationships and keep your contacts engaged. With this pre-week digest, CFOs and CROs will be prepared to take on the week before it’s even begun.

Track your progress and course correct accordingly at the start of the week.

Having a clear plan in mind, your team is more ready than ever to continue along their path for success starting with Monday morning’s forecast meeting. With the click of a button, any team member can initiate the call right on Aviso’s platform. Your sales operations teams and managers can simply utilize and refer to their personalizable Dashboard to view an all-in-one analysis of the company’s revenue progress. Lack of deal prioritization, attaining new account wins, and inconsistent deal reviews are common pain points that Aviso’s Artificial Intelligence platform helps sales teams solve. Aviso’s AI software merges the best of human and AI judgements to help with deal acceleration, provide opportunity insights, and refine risk management simultaneously. During the forecast meeting, Aviso’s sentiment analysis analyzes how individuals are really feeling on the other end of the line. Following the forecast review meeting, sales reps can immediately send any highlights and focal points to their managers to keep them in loop.

Sends nudges throughout the week to better manage and guide deal actions.

As a Sales Manager, misalignment becomes inevitable when trying to oversee and direct all the working parts of a Go-To-Market team. Throughout the week, Aviso helps managers combat this through sending nudges on next steps, deals at risk, and other relevant fields to help course correct and drive key actions. These pulse checks will help your company better close the loop between forecasting and deal execution and ensure that sales representatives and managers are on the same page throughout the entire week.

Drive better, more personalized coaching conversations. 

As your sales teams are wrapping up for the week, sales managers are left with one final task: deal and rep coaching. With data-driven intelligence across Aviso’s AI platform, managers can view key insights on a high level, as well as a granular level, to drive better habits and coaching plans. Aviso’s collaboration tool allows sales managers to analyze and better understand the strengths and weaknesses of reps to effectively provide detailed mobile coaching instructions, directly impacting the success of the company and its individuals.

An enterprise AI platform that scales with your business.

Aviso remains committed to delivering revenue intelligence, driving informed team-wide actions and course corrections, and giving precise guidance to sales teams and leaders. Grow confidently, close more deals, accelerate deal opportunities, and find your Revenue True North with Aviso.