FRI JUN 23 2023

Aviso AI's CEO Debuts MIKI at New York Stock Exchange

by Kevin Cheng

In an illuminating debut of MIKI at the New York Stock Exchange, Trevor Rodrigues Templar, CEO of Aviso AI, shared his insights on how AI is giving companies an edge now and in the future. Aviso AI was invited to speak at NYSE and highlighted the success stories of its customers, including:

  • Honeywell seeing pipeline activity and digital interactions increase by more than 80% each, and the number of new deals increased by more than 70%, resulting in Aviso AI generating $150M in new revenue for Honeywell and saving over $1M in software costs since the platform can handle every activity sales needs. 
  • RingCentral using AI-powered coaching and guided selling to main win rates, despite the industry-wide trend of longer sales cycles and a challenging economy.
  • New Relic using AI and ML to analyze usage patterns and predict the accuracy of the forecast/quarterly earnings to 98 percent.

Catch the full interview here:

The discussion also included how Generative AI has shown the potential to transform the sales and revenue function, but not by simply using ChatGPT in the workplace especially if you’re dealing with sensitive and confidential information (such as email addresses, locations, names, customer data, or more). Security is the top reason for Samsung, Apple, Bank of America, and others banning the use of the open-source LLM in the workplace.  

Trevor said at the NYSE:

“The difference between Aviso and what you're seeing out there with a lot of companies that just add GPT on to their offerings is, we're very conscious of security, and of the fact that you can't just exchange information across countries, or continents with specific regulations like GDPR. The Aviso platform is very secure. We have built highly secure architectures to really address the need for enterprises to keep their data secure and at the same time get the value that's out there from the leading edge technology.”

Aviso’s MIKI is powered by a proprietary LLM that encrypts data within Aviso’s platform. Acting like a Chief of Staff, MIKI generates insights across CRM, Cloud Databases, ERP, emails, recorded meetings, and other GTM datasets. It’s the fastest way for Aviso customers to get answers to tough questions that normally require time and the support of staff. And MIKI learns and gets smarter with each action. 

Lori Harmon, Sales Leader at CloudFlare, said:

Aviso AI’s MIKI brings so much together in a single platform! This is a vendor that is really taking advantage of AI and providing a customized solution for Sales organizations. It is so far beyond a simple integration into ChatGPT. To do this, Aviso AI uses a variety of AI techniques to help your sellers drive direct interactions with buyers.”

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