FRI JUL 13 2018

Aviso Continues Leadership Growth in G2 Crowd Grid Report for Sales Analytics

by Trevor Rodrigues-Templar

Earlier in the Spring G2 Crowd released their Grid Report for Sales Analytics and ranked Aviso as a “Leader” for the first time. We’re proud of this achievement and have continued to heavily invest in our AI-based sales platform to continue this momentum. We’re pleased to announce that we have earned significant Leadership growth in the just released G2 Crowd Grid Report for Sales Analytics (Summer).  We believe that our dedication to help sales professionals work smarter and drive better outcomes with our AI-powered platform – designed exclusively for sales organization – is the primary reason for this growth. [caption id="attachment_6346" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] G2 Crowd Grid Report for Sales Analytics (Summer 2018)[/caption] As we continue to innovate we remain sensitive to the everyday challenges sales professionals face in a competitive B2B marketplace. Hear What Our Customers Are Saying Aviso’s AI-powered insights, which deliver unparalleled visibility and accuracy, has helped our customers grow sales faster because it offers the most advanced AI-driven sales capabilities available today. “I love how Aviso can grade individual sales opportunities on their true likeliness to close in the quarter. This enables us to better prioritize the deals that need attention during our sales inspections and forecast reviews.” “I like that Aviso provides a snapshot of an individual opportunity's sales velocity, this is very helpful for Sales Managers in coaching sales reps about what goes on in their deals and how sales cycles can be shortened.” “Aviso helps us make our quarterly forecast by accurately predicting where we will finish based on that day's deals, and it directs the manager to know when they have a gap to make up and where to do it.” To learn more, check out our customer videos and case studies. And don’t forget to download the latest G2 Crowd Grid Report for Sales Analytics.