MON OCT 25 2021

Forrester Announces New Revenue Operations And Intelligence (RO&I) Category Featuring Aviso

by Ketan Pathki

The worlds of revenue intelligence, revenue operations, and revenue execution are all converging at an unprecedented pace. The pandemic-driven shift to a digital selling model has driven more modern revenue teams than ever before to rely on next-generation AI and SaaS solutions to manage their deal intelligence, sales coaching, and forecasting processes. Leading analyst firm, Forrester, has just announced a new report in the new upcoming category of RO&I – Revenue Operations and Intelligence, and Aviso is delighted to be featured in this category. Forrester acknowledges Aviso’s strengths as a leader in the growth stage maturity segment mentioned in the report. Forrester defines revenue operations and intelligence solutions (RO&I) as: “Technologies that leverage buyer signals and interactions to produce insights that allow go-to-market functions to continuously improve execution performance and optimize the revenue engine across multiple areas: engagement and productivity, revenue cadence and forecasting, and the overall optimization of the revenue engine itself [1].” This further validates our approach that not only do revenue teams today need a single pane of glass across their revenue and GTM operations, but they also need a new kind of revenue engine to power their future growth. Aviso’s time-series AI engine was the first of its kind in the industry, designed for this world where self-driving revenue operations and human intelligence co-exist together to maximize revenue potential. Several of our customers such as RingCentral and FireEye have relied on Aviso’s AI engine now for nearly 7 years for their revenue work. The report covers five key trends that buyers should consider as core capabilities by solution providers in the RO&I space. We also describe how Aviso’s predictive AI approach to implementing these capabilities have helped global Fortune 500 leaders succeed at scale:

  1. Real-time performance management of the revenue process. Similar to the world of IT, where monitoring and observability technologies help companies manage operations better, effective RO&I solutions should help with the cross-functional measurement of revenue activities and outputs. Most revenue execution vendors are unable to do this beyond the sales function. Aviso’s whole-body approach optimizes the revenue process from Sales to Finance to Marketing to Customer Success with deal-level forecasting and insights, integrating with different GTM systems of record and engagement. Aviso’s AI Adaptive Metrics helps leaders with real-time analytics that go beyond traditional reporting, and help answer advanced revenue operations questions.
  2. Deal forensics is key to a repeatable and scalable process. Going beyond just CRM activity inputs, the analysis of sales teams' activities has become critical to sustaining deal momentum. Most deal insight vendors stop at basic CRM-captured insights. At Aviso, we believe insights are only part of the puzzle and deal-specific guidance and AI-guided actions are essential to close the revenue loop. Aviso achieves this by complementing insights with contextual nudges and actionable recommendations. With GPS like step-by-step deal guidance, teams can implement repeatable playbooks.
  3.  Higher value engagement helps drive more deal conversions. With more and more customers buying B2B software virtually, a better buying experience is a key differentiator for successful deals. However, most engagement tracking vendors stop at tracking email and calendar activities. Buyer engagement at Aviso measures both the quality and quantity of interactions on email and calendars and voice and video interactions. Aviso's Conversational Intelligence (CI) also tracks intent, helping teams truly understand the impact of words and implicit actions on either winning or losing a deal with advanced deep learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms.
  4. More predictable revenue is achieved using transparent accountability. Accountability needs to exist across the deal tracking and forecasting process. However, most engagement vendors cannot do predictive forecasts, and most forecast vendors offer weak engagement workflows. Aviso is the only AI platform that combines the world’s most sophisticated, collaborative forecasting with support for complex rollups, hierarchies, and overlays, alongside proprietary WinScore(™) deal probabilities, pipeline quality inspection, and integrated deal and forecast collaboration rooms.
  5. Improved buyer and buying group intelligence are critical. As both B2B buying and selling turn into team sports, identifying both known decision-makers and hidden influencers in the buying process is crucial. However, most relationship intelligence vendors aren’t able to leverage this capability fully because they cannot even predict which composition of deals will make a quarter’s forecast. Aviso’s AI activity and relationship intelligence uniquely track every key person in a deal and their interactions in the context of a deal’s forecasted risks and calculations, all of which feed the same time-series database engine that helps measure the real-time revenue cycle performance.

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered the digital transformation of sales as buyer engagement became completely digital. According to Forrester, the RO&I market saw rapid growth with increased buyer interest in RO&I solutions. Billions of dollars are already invested into this category so far in 2021. Since 2017, the investment in this category has grown rapidly with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 58 percent up to August 2021. Aviso’s Integrated Revenue Operations and Intelligence Platform offers the most comprehensive set of tools that drive revenue intelligence and actions across sales, marketing, and customer success teams. With Aviso, you get the best self-driving revenue engine that augments seller intelligence and uncovers the hidden revenue opportunity from each customer. As new customers are onboarded, Aviso bootstraps history from the source systems, and the AI engine discovers the most predictive features for that customer. Our platform is super flexible and scalable to configure any complex customer hierarchies (or sales processes). Aviso helps go-to-market revenue teams close more sales deals with 98%+ forecast accuracy, drive better revenue growth, and reduce risk with an AI guidance platform for virtual selling and is used by leading Fortune 500 companies and global brands such as Honeywell, Venafi, Microsoft Github, and Marlin Equity Partners. Learn more about Aviso and our Revenue Operations and Intelligence solution here.