TUE NOV 14 2023

CRM Writeback: Fueling Informed Decisions & Rep Efficiency

by Hashir Siddiqui

CRM Writeback: Fueling Informed Decisions & Rep Efficiency

In the ever-changing world of sales, data has become as valuable as platinum, serving as an essential element for sales teams' success. Sales data is instrumental in steering representatives away from unproductive customer pursuits and can uncover fresh opportunities that might remain hidden. Adopting a data-driven approach to sales can significantly enhance your business's profitability, giving you a competitive edge of up to 6% over your rivals.

Nonetheless, sales representatives require support crafting customer-centric and personalized outreach strategies, considering they spend approximately 40% of their time on administrative tasks such as updating CRM data and researching prospects for the most current information.

Poor CRM Data Management

Despite the best efforts from organizations, reps still need to improve in maintaining CRM data hygiene, understandably so, as that keeps them away from their primary job of selling. Additionally, CRM limitations, such as the inability to update multiple deals, outdated contact information, and lack of rep activity updation, make it much more difficult for reps to attempt CRM data updates.

The critical aspect they're missing is that accurate data can help them hit their sales targets. With the correct data, advanced AI analytics can unveil hidden trends and opportunities that otherwise would go unnoticed. 

Hence, the need of the hour is to ensure seamless updation of CRM data without wasting reps' valuable time.

Aviso’s CRM Writeback

Aviso's CRM writeback capability is designed to improve CRM data hygiene by updating deal details from Aviso, auto-logging rep activities, and enriching CRM contact information. By doing so, Aviso eliminates reps' administrative data entry work and enables them to focus more on building relationships and selling. 

Akin to Aviso's Real-Time Streaming Architecture that enables data sync between sales and customer systems, Aviso provides bi-directional sync with CRM for more accurate and reliable data to drive effective opportunity management.

CRM Writeback Use Cases

1. Updating Deal Details of Opportunities in One Go

Sales managers and reps can efficiently update essential deal attributes, such as forecast categories, close dates, current stages, assigned points of contact, and next steps, for multiple deals from the Deal Grid view. This view provides a comprehensive list of all the opportunities within the sales pipeline, making it easy to review and modify multiple deals in one go from a centralized location.

Further, if needed, the user can select specific deals and open an expanded view to modify fundamental deal attributes and delve into more specialized areas, such as the MEDDPICC field for the selected deal. This is in addition to updating the forecast category, adjusting the close date, and making necessary changes to other deal-related information.

The advantages here are evident. Sales representatives save valuable time by avoiding the manual effort of switching between multiple sales tools to update deal details. With accurate deal data, Aviso generates WinScore that tells the probability of deals closing within the quarter. Reps can then effectively prioritize deals that help them hit the quota.

2. Updating Buyer Interactions and Deal Activity on CRM

Aviso's CRM writeback feature precisely captures and automatically updates essential buyer interactions and deal progress within your CRM. It seamlessly records email correspondence, phone call details, meeting schedules, and other vital data, ensuring that each prospect touchpoint is accurately logged. This level of detail gives your sales team a real-time, complete view of customer relationships and deal status. Based on the activity data, Aviso's Activity Intelligence provides activity insights that can be very helpful in building activity plans for reps to increase prospect engagement.

3. Updating New Contacts in Bulk and for Specific Accounts to the CRM

Aviso sources and gathers information from email bodies, signatures, and calendar invitations to automatically compile a list of contacts in discussions with your sales representatives. These contacts might be prospects, clients, or other key stakeholders in your business interactions. What sets this feature apart is its proactive nature. Aviso either automatically integrates the contacts or notifies the sales representative to approve adding these gathered contacts to the CRM. This approval step ensures that only relevant and qualified contacts are integrated into the CRM, maintaining data accuracy and integrity.

Moreover, newly added contacts are seamlessly integrated into the platform's organizational structure, ensuring they are stored in the CRM and positioned according to their respective roles and significance within the organization. This functionality dramatically benefits the entire team by providing valuable context and clarity about each contact's relevance to the business. This feature saves sales representatives valuable time by eliminating the need for manual contact search. This time-saving allows them to concentrate on more meaningful interactions and high-value tasks.

4. Updating Call Related Insights on CRM

Aviso's Conversational Intelligence module empowers reps to write back details such as smart meeting summaries, key topics discussed, and next steps, along with capturing call recordings. This facilitates transparency within the sales team and ensures that nothing is overlooked.

The benefits are twofold. First, it provides a comprehensive historical record of account interactions, which is invaluable for future reference, ensuring that your team remains well-informed and aligned in their approach to each account. Second, it fosters improved account relationships by allowing reps to deliver a more personalized and attentive service. Buyers appreciate the attention to detail, and the ability to recall past conversations demonstrates a commitment to their needs.

5. Updating Opportunities Details using MIKI, AI Chief of Staff

Using MIKI, the AI Chief of Staff, managers, and reps can update deal stages, forecast categories, and more by entering simple natural language queries. What makes MIKI truly special is its natural language processing capability. Instead of navigating through complex menus or struggling with technical jargon, you can simply communicate with MIKI using plain, everyday language. Want to change a deal's status to "Won" or "Lost"? Just ask MIKI, and it will take care of it for you. Need to update a close date or maybe inquire about the current sales figures for a particular opportunity? MIKI has got you covered.


In summary, integrating data between CRM and sales tech stack presents several advantages for businesses. It provides a comprehensive view of deals/prospects, improves activity engagement, streamlines operations, and unveils predictive insights. This data fusion equips organizations with the tools to cultivate lasting relationships, offer outstanding experiences, and foster enduring growth. By tapping into the potential of data integration, businesses can effectively harness the capabilities of their CRM systems, positioning themselves at the forefront of the fiercely competitive contemporary market.

If you're not already a customer, request a demo to see firsthand how Aviso’s CRM Writeback operates and how it can enhance team productivity, collaboration, and data quality and give you a competitive advantage.