MON AUG 07 2017

Four Insights Aviso Sales Managers Have… And You Don’t

by Amit Pande

As a Sales Manager, you’re essentially being asked to predict the future. The CRO or VP of Sales want to know when deals are going to close and for how much. You’re being asked to know how much pipeline you need to make or exceed quota and how many “blue birds” you can expect to pop up and close in quarter. How do you do this now? Gut feeling? Experienced guessing? Crystal ball? There’s no longer any need to guess. Next generation tools provide you with accurate early quarter predictions and actionable insight. You need more than just another tool that shows you sales results. You need predictions and forecasts early in the quarter, so that you can take control of team performance. Sales Managers using Aviso Sales Vision do just that. They leverage the ASV platform to arm themselves with the data they need to take action and drive results. Here are four pieces of AI-driven information that they have, and you don’t:
  • Which deals impact their forecast
  • How much run rate business to expect
  • If the team is on track to hit quota
  • The value of the deals in their pipeline
1. They know why their forecast changed and specifically which deals they need to fix to fix the forecast. Sales managers using Aviso know which deals their reps are counting on for the quarter, and what changed at the deal level between any two points in time that caused their forecast to go up or down. Business Impact: In order to take action, you need to know which deals impacted your forecast. To obtain that information now, most likely you have Sales Operations run a report. Aviso Sales Managers, on the other hand, have granular visibility and drill down capability into what changed in their forecast and why. Unlike a weather forecast, with Aviso Sales Vision, Sales Managers don’t cancel their picnic when rain (or missed quota) is expected. Instead, they help change the outcome. They focus on deals that are at-risk, and take control of their quarterly result. Email us at to find out how only we can tell you which deals impacted your forecast. 2. They know how much revenue they can attribute to run rate business. Whether your business is transactional or long tail, a significant portion of revenue can be attributed to run rate deals, or opportunities that enter the pipeline and close in the quarter. Aviso Sales Managers, even those focused on enterprise deals, know that a surprising amount of revenue (up to 40%) comes from this chunk of business. Business Impact: Having visibility into how much of your business comes from short sales cycles versus longer ones drives both sales strategy and sales coaching. Want to increase your run rate business in a particular region? Put more marketing dollars into campaigns to drive inbound leads. Also, know whether your team is good at opening new business, or whether certain reps need coaching on converting leads to opportunities. 3. They know if their team is on track to make their number — before it’s too late in the quarter to make a difference. How do you currently answer the question “How are we doing this quarter?” Most likely you give a vague answer such as “Looking good, but it all depends on the final month.” Sales Managers use Aviso Sales Vision to give precise updates. They know if they’re 3% ahead of expected closure or 41% behind pace. They avoid surprises, because they’re armed with pacing insight all quarter long.   Business Impact: You can use your spreadsheet or a simple forecasting tool to see how much business you’ve closed to date, but that still doesn’t tell you whether you’re ahead or behind where you need to be. Knowledge is power. Know exactly where you stand, and take appropriate action if your team isn’t closing deals fast enough to hit quota. 4. They know if they have enough pipe to meet next quarter goals. Sales Managers using the Aviso Pipeline Value Predictor know how much pipeline they’ll need to hit goals up to 180 days in the future. They also know how much revenue will be generated from the deals in their current pipeline. Business Impact: Almost every missed quota can be traced back to one fundamental problem: not having enough pipeline. We set you up for success every quarter because you know how much coverage you need to hit your goal, and you can see whether lack of pipeline is due to a sales prospecting issue, or if you need to work more closely with marketing to generate leads. In summary, we give you the insight and visibility to need to answer a very powerful question: How much revenue can I expect in the next six months and what’s standing in my way of achieving my goal? Get the AI-powered insight you need to hit quota, and be a successful Sales Manager (and soon to be Director), this quarter and next.