TUE MAR 07 2023

3 Tips For Smooth Implementation And Adoption Of New Sales Technology

by Cheshta Dora

Since the shift to a virtual selling environment, B2B sales and revenue leaders are adopting a digital-first approach. With this approach, it is critical to not just invest in a cutting-edge sales technology platform, but also to ensure it is implemented and adopted successfully.

As Frank Dimina, SVP of Splunk righty said, “Introducing a new tool to a large sales organization is a complex and potentially dangerous process, as it involves changing the rhythm and cadence of the entire organization.”

The implementation and adoption of a new sales technology involves working with different teams across the organization such as IT, finance, procurement, marketing, and the vendor organization. Sales leaders need to invest time and resources in the change management efforts for easy deployment and adoption.

This blog discusses three strategically essential best practices for sales and revenue leaders to consider when investing in a new sales technology platform. These are the key to success for a smooth technology implementation and adoption.

1. Select the technology platform with deep integrations and compatibility

With so many point solutions in the market, selecting a comprehensive sales and revenue technology platform can be a tedious and confusing task. One of the critical criteria buyers often miss out on early in the process is how compatible the technology platform is with the existing tools in their organization.

The sales team can work more efficiently and effectively with the sales platform that integrates well with existing tools. They do not need to constantly switch between multiple systems to access the information they need. This results in improved productivity. The plug-and-play approach of a well-integrated platform also reduces the time and resources required for implementation. The IT teams can quickly and easily integrate the new technology into the existing infrastructure.

Sales and revenue leaders must work with their IT leads to evaluate the platform’s ability to integrate with their existing technology within and outside the function for smooth implementation and deployment.

Aviso integrates with a host of data and workflow tools to provide smooth technology implementation for all its customers. Read our essential guide on Aviso’s smart integrations to learn how Aviso provides the most integrated system for revenue leaders to conduct their business.

2. Upskill sellers on digital dexterity, data literacy, and insight understanding

In the digital selling environment, organizations are investing in AI-powered, data-driven sales, and revenue technology platforms to help their sellers focus on the actual selling instead of wasting time on data entry. However, they are often struggling to manage the technology change in their organization, ensure smooth implementation, and drive adoption among sellers.

We need to address the challenge at its root cause. In this complex selling environment, most sellers are not fully comfortable with leveraging sales data analytics and insights to diagnose buyer needs and achieve revenue targets. Hence, they are not able to optimize modern, automated sales technology.

CSOs should upskill their sales teams on the three key skills to drive technology adoption -- digital dexterity, data literacy, and insight understanding. Digitally dexterous sellers are more agile and comfortable with using digital tools. They are less hesitant and resistant to incorporating new technology into their workflow if it helps them achieve their goals. Data and insights understanding will help them leverage the data and communicate the insights in a more engaging way to drive better deal outcomes.

Aviso’s AI-driven revenue intelligence platform provides activity & relationship, conversation, forecasting and deal insights in easy-to-understand dashboards and reports. Our self-service revenue analytics capability has a user-friendly interface and visualization to make it easy for users to understand and interact with their data.

3. Onboard sellers on technology benefits and outcomes, not just features

Your sellers wouldn’t want to spend time learning new technology unless it helps them close more deals and achieve targets with lesser effort. Many organizations either lack communication and training on new technology or are ineffective in doing so.

Effective communication and training include understanding of benefits of the new technology, how the users’ workflow gets impacted, and how to use the technology. CSOs must ensure their sellers are being onboarded on the outcomes they can achieve with new technology features to make it more engaging and drive fast adoption. Customize these outcomes for the roles, such as shortening deal cycles for sales reps, achieving revenue targets efficiently for RevOps teams, improving rep performance for sales managers, and pipeline visibility for sales leaders, in your technology onboarding.

For Aviso, user experience is paramount when implementing the platform in buyer organizations. Aviso’s customer success teams help their buyer organizations onboard all the users to the platform through Aviso Academy to ensure they are familiarized with the essential benefits and supreme experience it will deliver. We also create a support system to help the sellers with any questions or issues they may have while using the technology.

As one of the customers Keith Jones, GTM Leader from Mural said, “Aviso has provided the best and smoothest onboarding experience I have had with a technology partner in a long time.”


Organizations looking to switch to a more advanced and comprehensive sales technology must ensure that it is easy and effortless to implement in the organization and intuitive for the users to master.

In order to leverage the above mentioned tips successfully, involve your key stakeholders early on in the process to ensure buy-in and minimize resistance to change. You can opt for a phased implementation approach, where the technology is gradually rolled out to different teams. This can help iron out any implementation issues and ensure a smoother overall adoption.

To evaluate and measure the implementation process and adoption rate, you can gather feedback from the sales teams on deployment and workflow integration issues, platform usage, sellers’ productivity, and results, and make necessary adjustments. 

At Aviso, we equip sales teams at buyer organizations with a feedback mechanism that continuously takes feedback from them and looks at the past performance of the AI models to improve the performance of these models. This leads to greater accuracy and better outcomes for users resulting in increased adoption.

Reach out to our experts here if you would like to know more about the sales technology change management experience delivered by Aviso.