MON Feb 19, 2024

Boosting Quarterly Sales with Aviso's AI: The Power of Pull-In Deals

by Bithika Bishesh

In the fast-paced world of sales, closing deals efficiently and effectively is the cornerstone of success. Aviso, a leader in leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, has been at the forefront of transforming sales processes with predictive insights that empower sales teams to make smarter decisions. 

Among the various strategies that have been revolutionized by AI, "Pull-in Deals" stand out as a game-changer for companies looking to accelerate their sales cycle and enhance revenue within the same fiscal quarter. This blog delves into the essence of pull-in deals, how Aviso's cutting-edge ML algorithms identify these opportunities, and the significant impact of these predictions on a company's sales outcomes. 

Through a detailed exploration of Aviso's data-driven approach, we aim to uncover the power of AI in identifying and capitalizing on pull-in deals to boost quarterly sales and achieve unprecedented sales efficiency.

Understanding Pull-In Deals

What Are Pull-In Deals?

Pull-in deals are specific opportunities within the sales pipeline that have close dates in the next quarter but are identified through strategic analysis as prime candidates for closing in the current quarter. 

These are deals that, through predictive analysis and sales forecasting, have been identified as having a higher likelihood of closing successfully in the current quarter if actions are taken to expedite the sales process. The essence of pull-in deals lies in enabling sales teams not only to meet but potentially surpass their sales objectives by capitalizing on these early closures, thereby optimizing revenue generation within a given timeframe. Without these predictive insights, there's a risk of misdirecting sales efforts towards less promising or dead-end deals within the current quarter. This misallocation wastes valuable resources and overlooks the potential of reallocating efforts towards more winnable opportunities in the next quarter.

Thus, pulling in deals is crucial for sales teams aiming to meet or exceed their sales targets by leveraging early closures, thus maximizing revenue within a specific period.

Aviso's Deal Pull-In Model

Aviso's Pull-In model is an innovative and advanced predictive analytics tool that provides sales reps with accurate and data-driven insights into their sales pipeline. The model uses machine learning algorithms to analyze and predict the likelihood of future deals that can be successfully converted in the current quarter. This helps sales reps meet and exceed their quarterly sales quota.

Aviso's Machine Learning Advantage

At the heart of Aviso's capabilities is its advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. This technology is designed to sift through vast amounts of sales data, identifying patterns and insights that are invisible to the human eye. Aviso's algorithms take into account multiple factors, including data extracted from CRM fields, as well as various deal progression signals such as stage movements, time required to clear remaining stages, changes in deal amount, and the owner's past pull-in history on deals of similar type and size. By analyzing these factors, the pull-in model generates a Pull-In score representing the probability of a deal being pulled into the current quarter and getting closed as won.

Dynamic Learning for Continuous Improvement

One of the key advantages of Aviso's ML technology is its ability to learn and adapt over time. As more data becomes available and sales outcomes are recorded, the algorithms adjust and refine their predictions, becoming more accurate and reliable. This dynamic learning process ensures that Aviso's predictions remain relevant and valuable, even as market conditions change or a company's sales strategies evolve.

Impact Analysis of Aviso's Pull-In Deal Predictions

Aviso helps you identify which potential sales to focus on closing quickly. While you won't win every deal you try to pull in within the quarter, a significant portion—both in terms of the number of deals and their total value—will close successfully within your targeted timeframe. Even some deals that don't close by the quarter's end might still close shortly after, contributing to your early next quarter's success.

  • Increased Success Rates: With Aviso, 31% of the deals recommended for early closure were successfully closed by the end of the quarter. This means that Aviso's targeted insights ended in a win of nearly one-third of the selected deals. For businesses, this translates to a significant boost in hitting sales targets more consistently.
  • Maximized Deal Value: Not only does the number of deals matter, but so does their value. Aviso ensured that 27% of the total value of all recommended deals were successfully closed within the same timeframe. This indicates that Aviso doesn't just help close more deals; it helps close larger, more valuable deals faster.
  • Extended Impact: The benefits of using Aviso extend beyond the immediate quarter. An additional 7% of deals by count and 3% by value, which were not closed in the targeted quarter, were won in the first month of the following quarter. This shows that Aviso's predictions have a lasting impact, helping to secure a strong start for the next sales period.

The Business Impact of Pull-In Deals

Beyond the numbers, the strategic benefits of leveraging Aviso's pull-in deal predictions include enhanced forecasting accuracy, more efficient use of sales resources, and the ability to adapt sales strategies dynamically based on predictive insights. These benefits collectively contribute to a more agile, proactive, and successful sales operation.

Here are some ways in which Aviso's Pull-In model can help sales representatives.

  • Identify potential revenue opportunities: Reduces the risk of missing out on potential revenue opportunities by identifying future deals that might otherwise be overlooked or not given enough attention.
  • Improve sales productivity: Increases sales productivity and efficiency by helping sales reps manage their time and resources better and avoid wasting time on deals that are unlikely to close in the current quarter.
  • Accelerate win rate: Increases win rate and reduce deal cycle times by helping sales reps identify the most promising deals.   
  • Make better sales strategies: Enables sales reps to make data-driven decisions based on predictive analytics rather than intuition or guesswork, leading to more effective and efficient sales strategies.
  • Manage pipeline more effectively: Provides clear visibility into the sales pipeline, allowing reps to proactively inspect the pipeline health for current and future quarters, anticipate potential issues, and take corrective action.
  • Competitive Advantage: Successfully pulling in deals can give companies a competitive edge by demonstrating agility and responsiveness to customer needs.


Integrating Aviso's artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies into sales strategies represents a transformative shift in how deals are identified, managed, and closed. As highlighted through Aviso's predictive analytics, pull-in deals offer a strategic advantage beyond traditional sales methods, enabling companies to accelerate their revenue generation and achieve their financial goals more efficiently. 

By understanding what pull-in deals are and their significance, sales teams can begin to harness the power of AI to transform their sales strategies, close deals faster, and ultimately drive tremendous sales success.

Take the first step towards redefining your sales success. With Aviso's AI, the future of sales is not just about predicting outcomes—it's about creating them. 

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