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Rev up all GTM teams with instant revenue insights via natural language queries and interactive data stories powered by GenAI for faster and more accurate decision-making.

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How NLP Analytics Democratizes
Revenue Insights for Your Teams

Traditional analytics built on spreadsheets provide static reports and demand coding skills, increasing reliance on BI analysts for revenue insights and thereby hindering productivity. Get rid of these hurdles with Aviso’s NLP Analytics

Exit SQL Coding, Enter No-Code Report Generation

Just type your question in plain language and get an auto-generated revenue report. Aviso understands your question's context, clears any ambiguity, and even suggests complete queries based on what you mean to generate the right report for you. You don't need coding skills to access revenue reports anymore.

Interpret Complex Data Easily with Interactive Data Stories

Short on time? Want speedy insights? NLP Analytics, driven by Generative AI, fetches precise data from Aviso's Knowledge base and Time-Series Database. 
It auto-generates text and video summaries, narrating insights for easy interpretation, enabling quicker & data-driven decisions. No more relying on data analysts to generate insights from data.

Paint the Reporting Canvas with Custom Dashboards

The AI-based reports generated can be viewed in 80+ visualizations (stacked graph, grouped graph, etc.) and pinned to build a custom dashboard. This significantly helps reduce dependency on BI analysts for revenue analysis and enables smoother collaboration and true knowledge sharing across teams.

Aviso’s NLP Analytics vs GPT-Based Analytics

While GPT-based revenue analytics may appear cost-effective, it raises significant privacy concerns, particularly when handling sensitive enterprise business data. The absence of a comprehensive dataset or knowledge base can result in less accurate and up-to-date revenue insights. Here’s why NLP Analytics could be a better option.

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