WED SEP 15 2021

Understand Revenue Acceleration: Components And Stages

by Georgia Higgins

How can I use technology to improve my revenue drive? This question has worked its way into every aspect of our lives, from everyday routines to inspiring value propositions. With so many aspects of the business world increasingly becoming tech-reliant, how does this affect revenue acceleration efforts? To understand the future of a key aspect of all industries and business ventures, let's first get into the basics.

What Is Revenue Acceleration?

Revenue acceleration is the process of coexistence between marketing, sales, and customer service in order to achieve a shared goal of driving revenue. Alignment through consistent communication, optimized tools, and a concise vision is essential to a successful revenue acceleration implementation. The next generation of revenue acceleration operations can be broken down into three main components.

Components Of Next-Gen Revenue Acceleration Operations

  • Regardless of the strategy for a revenue acceleration plan, you must have the following three components for a successful implementation: Components of next gen. revenue operations: data, insights and actionsData:

To build a source of truth you can confidently base your business decisions on, and to free your teams from the shackles of manual input. Look at all the disparate data sets that are generated in a sales cycle and combine them into an opportunity-focused, deal-velocity-oriented view.

  • Insights:

With AI and a deep understanding of what drives revenue and people is ideal. Adopt a platform that allows sync with your CRM, email, and calendar to generate key insights to help your sales teams progress towards revenue acceleration goals.

  • Actions:

Empowering you and your teams to make the right decisions at the right time. Practicing Nudge Theory, find guided-selling intelligence that proactively recommends actions that your sales reps should take.

Stages of Revenue Acceleration

Incorporating the components above, use the stages below to create a timeline for your revenue acceleration efforts.

  • Personalized Engagement:

Live chatbots offer a constant stream of communication to the customer. Outdated CRMs limit the Marketing, customer service, and SDR teams to data silos. When data is presented in a clear, concise, and easy-to-digest format, making personalized connections with customers is that much easier. An adept way to do this is by adopting a system with nudges and insights that break down the data into bite-size pieces.

  • Expedite Deal Sequence:

Deal insights and nudges can allow for the closure of deals sooner than anticipated. By assessing past and current data streams, AI engines are able to predict future wins and pick up on deals you might not have been considering for your current and next quarter pipeline. Having a platform that alerts you to these insights with a nudge theory based system can accelerate deal cycles.

  • Integrate On All Levels:

At the endpoint of any revenue acceleration revamp, the end goal should be full integration of those components previously mentioned. With optimized data retention and doing away with data silos, outdated CRM, spreadsheets, and other limited containment systems, you should already begin to see revenue acceleration occurring. Pairing with insights from conversational intelligence, artificial intelligence and a platform that incorporates the methodology of Nudge Theory on all revenue acceleration teams (SDR, CS, marketing, etc.) will bring about the best results.

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AI For Revenue Acceleration

In Gartner’s Hype Cycle for CRM Sales Technologies, Aviso was mentioned as a sample vendor in the predictive sales forecasting tech space. In this space, vendors apply machine learning algorithms to a client’s historical opportunity and account data to provide statistically derived insights to sales reps in three categories: predictive forecasting, pipeline inspection, as well as opportunity, lead, and account health scoring. Hope cycle for CRM tech The business impact of the technology is huge, as clients experience better deal closure rates and forecast accuracy. Sales reps gain insights from data from disparate sources. They also receive personalized recommendations.

  • Sales Performance Management:

SPM(inextricably linked to Conversational Engagement Analytics). We recognize that while we’re bullish on AI-assisted go-to-market strategies and execution, GTM is first and foremost a people operation. Aviso’s Coaching Rooms transcribe, analyze and report on the conversations of your GTM professionals, allowing your managers to coach, guide, and correct, as conversations happen.

  • Predictive Sales Forecasting:

The fastest path to fewer surprises in your forecast is through a robust deal inspection process. We don’t provide you with just a number. We analyze your deal history, incorporate key indicators such as interaction and engagement with key customers, and notify you as things happen, at your desk or on the go with our mobile apps. For the first time, view your pipeline status in real-time, and take appropriate action. Also, Aviso is the only tool that predicts run-rate business.

  • Sales Acceleration:

Making your teams more effective and efficient runs deep at Aviso. From knowing your best next action faster with our real-time notification feature to streamlined data entry in the Aviso apps, automatic syncing of customer data in your CRM, and generating customizable reports, our entire technology stack is designed to make you and your team work smarter.

  • Knowledge Graph for Sales:

The Aviso platform maximizes the value of your digital exhaust by creating a single true source of truth that you can build your business on a map of your professional world that goes beyond entities to also light up their quantified relationships. Who knows who within your company? Who can introduce you? Who’s the key player you’re missing in your deal team? We automatically create and enrich your contact stream, so your sales teams can focus on selling, and your Marketing team reaps the rewards of your sales team’s day-to-day operations.

  • Voice-Driven Sales Apps:

In life, voice has emerged as an interesting alternative to text input for task completion: controlling your lights, executing a quick search, or sending a message. At Aviso, we believe voice will play an increasingly important role in increasing the efficiency of GTM task completion. Pulling up a quick data point to save yourself a few clicks, or generating that one report you need in the middle of a meeting. With Aviso’s Conversational Assistant, now you can. There’s a lot here, but at the end of the day, this all boils down to predictability and accountability. We’re working with some of the world’s most advanced GTM organizations to deliver it. If you’re interested in seeing what we can do for your organization, schedule a demo.