THU MAY 17 2018

AI and the Hubble Deep Field Connection

by Amit Pande

Customer facing selling time is precious every quarter. Sales teams have to quickly determine which deals will close and can’t afford to spend a lot of time on ‘what if’ scenarios. Time is equally valuable on the Hubble Space Telescope. Every operational second is reserved months to years in advance. So, imagine the response when an astronomer proposed pointing Hubble at a seemingly empty patch of sky for 100 hours. His colleagues thought it a wasteful idea. "We have so many things to do! There's no time! I've been doing this for 25 years! There's nothing to learn by trying that!" were some of the objections. Nevertheless, the team knew that they had never had such a powerful technology at their disposal. So they took a chance. The result? The discovery of 3,000 new galaxies in a tiny patch of sky.  The resulting image, known as Hubble Deep Field, has been called “the most important image ever taken” and has spawned new fields of research and transformed our understanding of the universe. From a data science perspective, the data from those galaxies has always existed in that “dark patch of sky”. Before Hubble, we simply never had the tools or technologies to even consider how staring at what appears to be empty space could literally shed light on something we simply couldn't see before.  Hubble's technology literally enabled us to see things we could never see with conventional tools. In a similar manner, applying AI to CRM data and your sales processes provides sales teams and executive leadership insights into their performance they could never deduce with traditional transactional sales tools or methods. Aviso's customers analyze, interpret and score more opportunities faster than any other method. Our AI adjusts to the particular characteristics of your enterprise deals so your forecasts and opportunity reviews are tailored to your sales pipeline, products & pricing.  We don't manipulate the data to make things look pretty. We analyze what's there to give you a predictable assessment of your likelihood of making your planned revenue forecast. And we can give you a 93% accurate forecast on the first day of the quarter. Just like Hubble, Aviso helps you spot data and trends in ways your existing sales tools simply can't. The result? Better sales pipeline discipline, allowing you and your teams to focus on the right deals and find those hidden 'galaxy' deals that are invisible without AI.  As one of our customers recently said, "Aviso is part of the fabric of our forecasting process." Do you want to find those ‘hidden galaxy’ deals in your sales pipeline?  Call us today and we’ll show you how.