TUE MAY 26 2020

Path to Plan after COVID-19: Aviso's new predictive AI features

by Amit Pande

Learning from the lessons of the past is the first step in surviving not just COVID-19 impact over the next 12 -18 months, but also preparing for future Black Swans. After the pandemic hit, we wrote about how you can survive and thrive in a Black Swan. Since then, our data science team has been hard at work incorporating rapidly changing new signals into our predictive models with the development of a new "unexplained event model". Today we are delighted to announce Aviso Path-to-Plan features for COVID-19. See it in action below.   [embed]https://vimeo.com/419080513[/embed] Since we released our Guided Selling 2.0 Platform at Dreamforce, our Data Science, Product Design, and Engineering teams have been hard at work expanding Aviso AI’s value to users beyond just forecast rollups and deal management to make it a guidance Compass for all members of a revenue organization. Aviso Path to Plan includes the following features:
  • New COVID-19 forecast and pipeline predictions to compare with.
  • Prioritized deal areas to focus your time on, versus focusing on everything.
  • Future quarter promising deals that can be pulled-in.
  For current customers -- your Customer Success Managers will be reaching out to share how you can utilize these features. For future customers -- we welcome you to explore these new COVID-19 capabilities or sign up for our 90-day free trial.