SAT MAY 07 2022

An Overview of Aviso AI’s Sales Engagement Solution

by Bithika Bishesh

In Forrester’s Winter Sales Survey, 2022, sellers at companies with revenues of $10 million-plus were asked to name the most helpful tools, and sales engagement tools topped the list.

Undeniably, sales engagement tools are a highly valued technology within the sales or marketing tech stack. But, what exactly are sales engagement solutions?

Sales engagement tools are a set of technologies that help sales reps execute their jobs more efficiently. They do this by providing sales reps with the right information at the right time and by making sure they have access to the information when they need it. These technologies can improve the efficiency of a salesperson by automating and simplifying many tasks, like customer information management, lead scoring, and follow-up.

“…By automating and orchestrating manual, repetitive tasks, sales engagement solutions deliver insights and tools that improve efficiency and effectiveness...” — Now Tech: Sales Engagement Solutions, Q2 2022, Forrester

Sales and marketing leaders looking to invest in sales engagement solutions need to understand the value they can expect from a sales engagement solutions provider and align individual vendor solutions to their organization’s needs.

Aviso’s Inclusion In Forrester’s Research On Sales Engagement Solutions

In their new report — Now Tech: Sales Engagement Solutions, Q2 2022 — Forrester provides an overview of 29 sales engagement solutions providers based on two factors: market presence and functionality. Forrester segmented the sales engagement solutions market into four functionality segments — Sales Engagement Platforms, Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs), Sales Enablement Platforms, and Revenue Intelligence Platforms. Aviso AI is included in the Revenue Intelligence (RI) segment as its primary functionality. The Forrester report noted, “Revenue intelligence uses aggregated interactions to derive insights. Leveraging automated email, voice, and other integrated data enables companies to capture buying cycle interactions. Interaction data is aggregated and analyzed using AI capabilities such as natural language processing (NLP) to provide enhanced opportunity insights that were previously invisible or forgotten.”

Why We Believe Sales Teams Need Sales Engagement Tools Like Aviso AI

According to Forrester’s report, organizations leveraging sales engagement solutions can expect:

  • Increased Omnichannel Capabilities: 97% of sales development rep teams that hit quota used three or more channels (e.g., email, voice, LinkedIn), and companies using four to five hit quota most consistently.
  • Improved Insights Based on Interaction Capture: Data and analytics decision-makers at advanced firms are eight times more likely to say their organization grew by 20% or more.
  • Enhanced Seller Efficiency: Conversion rates of qualified opportunities were eight times higher when buyers were contacted within the first 5 minutes vs. 6-plus minutes.

Aviso AI delivers integrated Revenue Intelligence that provides sales and go-to-market teams a single pane of glass to accelerate growth, win more deals, and reduce risk.

Aviso AI for All Customer Touch Points

Aviso AI for All Customer Touch Points

Aviso AI helps revenue organizations automate sales engagement and act on revenue intelligence to improve efficiency, predictability, and growth. With AI-based revenue intelligence solutions, Aviso AI provides the most comprehensive set of tools and solutions that drive revenue intelligence across sales, marketing, and customer success teams and uncovers the hidden revenue opportunity from each customer.

Aviso AI provides real-time coaching during calls, customer intent, call notes sync to CRM, deal intelligence integrated with AE activity intelligence and predictive analytics, product and competitor insights, visual cues, and coaching via computer vision. These Conversational Intelligence capabilities allow sales leaders to truly understand what customers are saying and its impact on either winning or losing a deal. Aviso has the unique ability to provide advanced Conversational Intelligence on a true AI platform that leverages machine learning enabling the inclusion of all valuable insights and guidance from across the entire sales process.

Benefits Of Leveraging Aviso AI’s Sales Engagement Tool

Aviso’s AI platform helps with win rates (15%+) and rep productivity (reduces manual CRM data entry by 5+ hours/week)!

  1. Boost Rep Efficiency: With Aviso AI, sales and go-to-market teams benefit from closing deals faster with weekly persona digest and event-based updates across mobile, email, and platform-based notifications. And at a deal level, AI provides insights into how to coach reps to progress deals to the next stage.
  2. Clone Top-Performing Reps: Aviso AI guides your teams using persona-specific AI nudges to "clone" your top 10% sellers. We combine what reps say (from conversations) with what they do (from email/calendar/contacts) and what they want you to see (from CRM) to learn what behavior drives success for your organization.
  3. Manage Deals More Effectively: Aviso AI’s revenue intelligence solution helps reps execute stronger sales cycles and close more deals faster. Sales managers and executives get a predictive view of the length of the sales cycle, quota attainment, win probability, and quarter-end performance. The accuracy of our AI forecasts is 98%+ early in the quarter. We calculate the probability for each deal to close in the given quarter, enabling sales users to identify deals to focus on in terms of risk/upside.
  4. Get Complete Pipeline Visibility: Aviso AI helps sales operations and sales leadership teams understand and interrogate their deals pipeline, assess pipeline quality and health, and get advanced insights to plan and build new pipelines for future quarters. Sales reps get the next best product/offer for the population of contacts within their book of business that matches their needs. The AI identifies the best actions to identify new leads, create more pipelines, and close deals faster.
  5. Understand Your Customers Better: Aviso AI is a full-body platform for AI-guided selling. Our AI focuses on the subtext of what a person is saying, i.e., what’s not being said vs. reporting just the news; it’s about whether the customer is ready to buy; in the next 1-3 months vs. 6-12 or not at all. The text, voice, tone, facial recognition, gestures, etc., on the call are analyzed with state-of-the-art deep learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms. This, in turn, updates the win score for a given opportunity. Aviso AI generates sentiment analysis and context-aware (not template-based) topics, including intent, not just trackers (keywords).
  6. Get Improved Insights With The Next Best Action: Aviso AI’s real-time coaching capabilities, on-call cues & deal insights analyze data from all previous conversations. This provides sales reps with state-of-the-art insights and recommendations around handling objections, risks, and next steps for a deal at every stage of the interaction.
  7. Get Critical Insights Into Buyer Engagement: Analyzing a sales rep’s behavior by looking at email and calendar data enables Aviso to form an Aviso people graph, showing the entire relationship and engagement history between an account team and a prospect or customer. These capabilities allow sales leaders to:
    • Determine buyer’s intent and identify single-threaded reps who don’t have the right engagement at various levels of the organization.
    • Auto population of contacts and other activities into CRM to ensure the source of truth is always up to date.
    • Identify the next best contact to mitigate deal risk in case a key champion leaves the company.