TUE APR 26 2022

Aviso AI — A Modern Solution for Revenue Operations And Intelligence

by Bithika Bishesh

Aviso AI, the only predictive Revenue Intelligence platform recognized for its whole-body guided selling framework, has beennamed a Strong Performer in revenue operations and intelligence according to the Forrester Research report, “The Forrester Wave™: Revenue Operations And Intelligence, Q1 2022”.

In this report, Forrester researched, analyzed, and scored the 14RO&I providers that matter most in the market. According to the report, “Enterprises looking for a solution that balances comprehensive pipeline management and forecasting capabilities with increasing revenue intelligence features to support sales execution should consider Aviso.”

We received the highest ratings possible in the following criteria:

Current RevOps Offerings

  • Sales performance and productivity insights
  • Pipeline insights
  • Forecasting insights
  • Forecasting configuration and process


  • Innovation roadmap
  • Supporting products & services
  • Commercial model & pricing transparency

We believe this placement underscores how our Revenue Operating System is helping Fortune 500 companies and high-growth leaders demand more from AI, This results in leaving behind CRM bolt-ons and limited value single trick tools (as expensive as CRM!) for a true AI single pane of glass designed to accelerate company-wide sales transformation.

According to the report,“The surprising breadth of functionality provided in Aviso's platform is a real point of difference for an organization of this scale.”

Overview of Aviso’s Platform

  1. Sales Performance and Productivity Insights

    Aviso provides sales performance and productivity insights in the form of weekly persona digest, nudges and event-based updates across mobile, email, and platform notifications.These insights help sales and GTM teams take timely actions and close deals faster.

    Aviso’s Activity & Relationship Intelligence integration offers another critical dimension to the overall sales process. Analyzing a sales rep’s behavior by looking at email and calendar data enables Aviso to form an Aviso people graph, showing the entire relationship and engagement history between an account team and a prospect or customer.

    Aviso’s Conversational Intelligence provides NLP based meeting transcripts, sentiment analysis, intent recognition, and contextual awareness to enrich insights gathered from your customer conversations. These insights help sales team members be productive and amp up close cycle rate through virtual collaboration. Native coaching rooms allow salesleaders and managers to create virtual collaboration rooms that provide various deal level insights and opportunity level insights to help managers coach sales reps in theirareas of improvement.

  2. Pipeline Insights

    Aviso's pipeline management benefits from the ability to project pipeline performance backward and forward, helping sales operations and sales leadership teams understand and interrogate their deal pipeline, assess pipeline quality and health, and get advanced insights on planning and building new pipelines for future quarters. Aviso, being the best sales pipeline management tool, helps in three key areas —

    • Pipeline Inspection: Our AI-guided pipeline analytics helps with objective, unbiased pipeline inspection. The tool suggests when and where reps need to strengthen their pipeline management. With AI-driven insights, your sales forecast can better inform pipelines to drive timely team actions.
    • Pipeline Reports: Our pipeline reports show the historical, current, and projected pipeline status. It helps sales leaders learn how their pipeline has evolved over the quarter and understand the quality of current and future pipelines. Reps can also compare historical pipeline progress during different periods to understand how different deals affect pipeline health.
    • Opportunities Maps: Aviso Opportunity Maps (a.k.a. Deal Maps) help manage high-risk deals using AI. The AI automatically searches the entire portfolio and identifies deals that are likely to close. It helps sales teams run their forecast calls better with specific guidance on key deals.

    The Aviso Advantage:

    • Aviso’s AI pinpoints precisely how, when, and where a pipeline changed so that teams can prevent and remedy deal slippage.
    • It helps understand if a good mix of deals supports the pipeline coverage to hit quota with greater certainty.
    • Aviso AI surfaces analytics to support pipeline building and inform if 2X or 3X coverage is needed to hit the target (starting two quarters prior).
  3. Forecasting Insights

    Aviso’s cloud-based sales forecasting and insights platform drives forecast accuracy and enables executive planning withan accurate forecast on Day 1 of the quarter. Aviso's ML uses the forecast history of the last 6-8 quarters to generate accurate forecasts for upcoming quarters. Additionally, Aviso generates forecast explanations providing reasoning for forecast numbers. With such forecasting insights powered by best-in-class machine learning algorithms, managers can provide data-driven,customized coaching sessions. Sales teams get insight into all deals called in and out of forecast with deal level forecasting and this helps them close deals faster. Sales users can audit their trail of judgment applied across all levels of management (roles, deal amounts, CRM fields), immediately see discrepancies and address disagreements between members of their team on whether a deal is in or outof forecast to maintain forecast accuracy.

  4. Forecasting Configuration and Process

    Aviso’s forecasting capabilities support a range of use cases, including opportunity splits. The AI-guided platform includes a time-series database (tracks every change, from every object, every field, and every connected dataset), an event-based nudge engine, and auto-machine learning that works across implicit and explicit signals (judgement onmoving stages, categories, etc.) and implicit behaviours to drive timely insights and actions. This helps close the gap between forecasting and deal execution and provides 98%+forecast accuracy for its users.

    Aviso’s new-age capabilities around revenue intelligence include Unified Forecasting (top-down forecast and bottom-upforecast) that blends the best of human and AI judgments with the most sophisticated global roll-up forecasting in the industry.

  5. Innovation Roadmap

    Aviso’s revenue operation tool is designed to help B2B companies manage their sales deals and revenue with advanced deal management capabilities that help them track opportunities, manage deals, and report on results. The platform has advanced capabilities like revenue operations, deal management, opportunity management, reporting and analytics, and we are now broadening our footprint in advanced opportunity management and advanced reporting.

    Aviso specializes in user experience. Our voice assistance interface is designed to help sales representatives make more informed decisions about the customer experience and needs. Our ambitious roadmap includes having a voice assistant that can be used by anyone who needs help finding something, whether it’s a product or information about a product. The system will be designed to provide a user-friendly interface that can be used with any device, including smartphones.

    Our roadmap also includes plans for advanced artificial intelligence which will learn from every single experience and make decisions based on what it has learned. This includes next-generation transformer models, neural architecture search models and computer vision for real-time feedback on video conversation.

  6. Supporting Products and Services

    At Aviso, we conduct quarterly business reviews (QBR) withour customers to deepen our relationships and further set them up for success to achieve their unique business goals. Aviso Academy helps new customers get familiar with key product concepts and creates specialized customer successand adoption support so that each user can have self-service learning at their own pace. The ability of Aviso's platform to work seamlessly across multiple CRMs (and multiple instances) such as Salesforce, Dynamics, or Hubspot, legacy databases like ERPs, Break-Fix CS, ticketing tools, andother revenue signals locked in email, calendar, meetings and chats has led to global deployments and expansions at Honeywell, Armis, DataStax, AppAnnie, Ivanti, Secure CodeWarrior, RingCentral, Elastic and Marlin Equity Partners.

  7. Commercial Model and Pricing Transparency

    Aviso’s consumption-based pricing model enables customers to pay for what they use or consume – no more, no less. Our customers can easily equate value to price with the flexibility to opt for consumption pricing if the daily/weekly average use goes down. Thus the customers are empowered to take advantage of only the features and options they need, giving them greater control over their budgets since pricing is directly related to usage.

    Following the transparent pricing strategy, Aviso also offers performance-based pricing with variable pricing bands connected to the accuracy of the forecast. This pricing model varies, at different tiers of quota attainment, based on the AI accuracy and the achieved outcome. Connecting AI accuracy with rep performance gives our customers more transparent tools and support.


Forrester’s RO&I evaluation looked at criteria such as Revenue Cycle Analytics, Buyer Intelligence and Account Engagement, Conversational and Activity Insights, Deal/Opportunity Insights, Pipeline and Forecasting Insights, alongside user experience anda rchitecture considerations ranging from Guidance/Notifications toData Management and Integrations.

We believe these essential capabilities are the foundational layers of Aviso’s single pane of glass, powered by the world’s only CRM-agnostic time-series auto-machine learning security platform with more than 350 billion insights, $400B in the pipeline, and $164B in won deals, enabling our customers to execute on their digital sales transformation initiatives successfully.