MON MAY 08 2023

Navigate the Revenue Storm with Pipeline Blindspot Assessment

by Gayatri Ivaturi

The economic downturn has created a storm in the world of B2B sales leading to a decline in revenue and a need for new sales strategies. Companies are facing unprecedented challenges, including uncertainty in the market, slower decision-making by buyers, and new blockers and decision-makers in the buying process, as they try to navigate this storm and hit targets. 

In this article, we'll explore how Aviso AI can help businesses weather the storm and emerge stronger. We’ll also include a fast, accurate way to identify gaps in your sales pipeline, spot risk early, and keep your forecast on track. This will help your sales teams detect issues like deal stagnation and missed opportunities and remedy them to maintain pipeline flow.

Understanding Pipeline Fluctuations 

Pipeline fluctuations are inevitable, especially during economic downturns, and are treated as a natural part of B2B sales. The key is to understand the reasons behind them during the pandemic. By analyzing these pipeline fluctuations, sales teams can identify patterns, reduce risk, and drive revenue growth. A pipeline blindspot assessment helps you identify the gaps in your pipeline and provides actionable insights to address them. This way, you navigate the revenue storm with confidence.

Reducing Revenue Risk with Pipeline Assessment

A Pipeline Blindspot Assessment can help businesses reduce revenue risk by providing a clear view of the sales pipeline. It enables sales teams to identify potential gaps and take action to increase sales effectiveness.

An effective way to manage revenue risk is by analyzing the data within your pipeline, which will give you a clear picture of what’s moving, when it’s moving, why, and what next steps to take.

Remedying Pipeline Slippages with AI

If the quality of a building depends on its bricks, the pipeline quality comes down to the conversations that make or break your deals. AI-powered Conversational Intelligence can help businesses identify what reps are doing on call and how buyers react to your demos, presentations, and pitches. By analyzing sales calls and emails, AI can pinpoint rep weaknesses and identify areas where sales teams need more support. This helps businesses stay ahead of the curve and take proactive steps to maintain pipeline flow.

Pipeline slippages can be frustrating and can cause a significant decline in revenue. However, using AI, you can analyze your pipeline data and identify why slippages happen. With this information, you can take the necessary steps to improve sales performance.

Breaking Down Pipeline Flow for Success 

By breaking down pipeline flow into different stages, businesses can identify where deals are getting stuck and take corrective action. This enables sales teams to reduce the time it takes to close deals and increase the effectiveness of their sales efforts.

Breaking down your pipeline flow is an essential step in optimizing your sales process. A pipeline blindspot assessment helps you analyze your pipeline data and identify where to improve your sales process. By doing so, you can streamline your sales cycle, reduce inefficiencies, and increase your win rates.

Leveraging Conversational Intelligence for Seller-Side Insights

Conversational Intelligence can help businesses gain critical seller-side insights by analyzing sales calls and emails. With this tool, sales teams can understand buyer emotions, sentiment, and purchase intent, which enables them to adjust their sales approach and improve win rates.

Conversational intelligence provides seller-side insights that help you identify areas where your sales reps can improve. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, conversational intelligence analyzes sales calls and emails to identify buyer emotion, sentiment, and purchase intent. By understanding how your sales reps interact with buyers, you can provide targeted coaching to improve their performance.

- Effortlessly Identify Speakers with Aviso's Instant Voice-Contact Association

Use Aviso's AI-powered tools to associate speakers with the right contact, providing deeper insights into every conversation. By accurately identifying who said what, businesses could optimize their sales strategy and identify areas for improvement. Aviso's instant voice-contact association feature automatically links speakers with the correct contact, ensuring accurate data and a complete understanding of each conversation.

- Being on Call Without Being on Call: The Automated Smart Transcript

Another advantage of Aviso's Conversational Intelligence is the Automated Smart Transcript, which summarizes vital moments, calls KPIs, and next steps. This saves time and allows sales teams to review calls quickly and identify areas for improvement.

- Gauge the Power of Metrics to Improve Seller Performance

Metrics like Talk/Listen Ratios, Patience%, Longest Monologue, Keywords discussed, Objections Handled, Topics, and Call Themes can be powerful tools for businesses to gauge seller weaknesses and provide effective coaching. Using these metrics, businesses can continuously evolve seller performance, stay ahead of the curve, and drive revenue growth. A pipeline blindspot assessment can help identify areas where sales reps need coaching, providing actionable insights to improve seller performance. This not only drives revenue growth but also improves the effectiveness of the sales team overall. 

- Reading Your Buyer's Mind with NLP-driven Insights

NLP technology combines over 60+ facial, acoustic, and visual signals to elicit complex emotions, sentiment scores, and real intent. Understanding your buyer's sentiment and intent can help you prioritize the right deals and increase win rates. Using conversational intelligence, you can read your buyer's mind like you're face-to-face and close deals more effectively. Natural Language Processing can help businesses read buyer emotions and understand their intent, which is critical for closing deals.

Ramp New Sellers 40% Faster with Winning Calls and Insights:

Aviso AI's Pipeline Blindspot Assessment can help businesses ramp new sellers 40% faster and hit quota in as little as three months by identifying winning calls, snippets, and insights from customer interactions. This not only saves time but also improves the sales team's effectiveness by educating them on customer feedback, leading to revenue growth for the business.


Think of the Pipeline Blindspot Assessment as a radar system that guides you through a stormy sea, helping you avoid obstacles that could sink your ship. Using this tool, you'll mitigate revenue risk, improve seller performance, and gain valuable insights into your sellers and buyers using conversational intelligence. Armed with this data, you can make informed decisions and confidently navigate economic uncertainty. Don't let a stormy revenue forecast get you down - stay agile and proactive with Aviso AI’s Pipeline Blindspot Assessment.