FRI DEC 22 2023

Investment in MIKI Generative AI copilot for Sales: A smart purchase choice for CFOs in B2B SaaS

by Vinayak Moitra

Investment in MIKI Generative AI copilot for Sales: A smart purchase choice for CFOs in B2B SaaS

In today's fast-paced and competitive business world, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for any B2B CFO. One area where innovation can make a significant difference is using artificial intelligence (AI). While open-source generative AI tools have been popular in recent years, investing in a cutting-edge AI copilot, such as MIKI (Machine Intelligence Knowledge Interface) by Aviso, is now the need of the hour.

The traditional differentiator of open-source generative AI usage is quickly losing its relevance. As more organizations adopt these tools, the playing field is becoming leveled. It is no longer enough to rely solely on open-source AI to gain a competitive edge. Instead, B2B CFOs should explore the possibilities of advanced AI copilots like MIKI.

MIKI is revolutionizing B2B selling by providing invaluable insights and recommendations to sales teams. It leverages the power of machine learning and predictive analytics to analyze vast amounts of complex data. MIKI's abilities surpass those of open-source AI tools, as it can analyze historical data, identify patterns, and provide accurate sales forecasts and strategies. You can read more about MIKI and its true potential for revolutionizing the way global sales teams think about Generative AI by visiting here

MIKI vs ChatGPT vs BloombergGPT

MIKI differentiates itself from open source tools like chatGPT in the respect that it has more degree of value for money in terms of sophistication of the LLM scripts on which it runs, more insightful and tailored to give personalized actions, and more practical for sales and sales related operations in the real world. 

On the other hand, it costs a bit less when compared to more advanced and sophisticated GPT tools like Bloomberg GPT. It is not as expensive and drives much better ROI for the organization regarding maintenance and fine-tuning of the underlying models. Refer to the graphic below for more details.

Investing in a cutting-edge AI copilot such as MIKI benefits B2B sales teams and their organizations.

1. Enhance decision-making from real-time data-driven insights

Sales leaders can make informed decisions regarding pricing, product positioning, and resource allocation. Reps can find out how much their customers are financially healthy and have budgeted for the current deal from publicly available information like 10Q/10K reports and have a sense of how to approach their buyer group in the most efficient manner and flow. Thus, the overall cost spending per sales deal is improved, an essential indicator for driving the team upwards in its growth trajectory. 

2. Improvement in selling effectiveness of reps and their managers

MIKI provides sales teams with personalized recommendations and coaching. It helps identify the most promising leads, suggests the best approaches through AI-driven lead scoring, and even predicts the likelihood of closing deals. B2B teams can help significantly boost sales performance and revenue generation by using a copilot like MIKI.

3. Personalized steps for establishing a competitive advantage during deals

With advanced capabilities in sales forecasting, insights, and features like earnings call analysis on prospective customers and deal risk profiling, CFOs can anticipate market trends, adapt strategies, and proactively address challenges that their customer markets pose directly or indirectly.

4. Cost saving on SG&A spending by replacing multiple point solutions

The most crucial cost-saving benefit of MIKI is that it essentially does most of the heavy lifting tasks for reps, which usually rely on an average of 5-10 different point solutions. Whether writing a cold email for prospects, pricing updates to deals, or capturing notes automatically on CRM, MIKI does improve rep productivity by more than 10x on average and saves 20-30% of the tech stack spending that organizations invest on their SG&A expenditures.


In conclusion, while open-source generative AI has had its time in the spotlight, investing in a cutting-edge AI copilot like MIKI is now the need of the hour for B2B CFOs. The advanced capabilities of these copilots offer a significant competitive advantage, empowering CFOs to make better decisions, improve sales effectiveness, and stay ahead in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.