MON JUL 24 2023

PD Singh: Key Takeaways on the Transformative Power Of Generative AI

by Bithika Bishesh

As a part of our Decoders Series, we had the privilege of speaking with PD Singh, Founder of a new Stealth AI startup, Former head of AI products at UiPath and Microsoft. Singh, with his 20+ years of significant experience in the realm of AI, has sculpted a track record of pioneering innovative AI solutions and leading them to a global scale.

Building upon the foundation laid in our previous discussion, we now turn our attention to another fascinating topic: generative AI in the realm of sales. In this second blog post, we uncover the key insights and revelations shared by Singh, shedding light on how generative AI can revolutionize sales strategies.

Takeaway 1: Generative AI Augments Data-Driven Decision Making

Generative AI holds immense transformative potential for business and revenue leaders. Unlike traditional machine learning approaches that require building separate models for specific tasks, generative AI models, such as ChatGPT, can process comprehensive input and generate intelligent responses. By feeding all the relevant data into a single model, business leaders can extract valuable insights and make informed decisions without the need for multiple models or extensive data science expertise. This eliminates the usual dilemmas faced by CXOs and allows for a swift and iterative exploration of various business hypotheses. Generative AI streamlines the process of deriving actionable insights, providing quicker and more flexible responses to critical business questions. With its ability to handle diverse front-end use cases through prompt management, generative AI becomes a game-changer in the realm of machine learning and business analytics, revolutionizing the way organizations approach data-driven decision-making.

Takeaway 2 : Generative AI Boosts Productivity Across Industries

Generative AI serves as a comprehensive tool for task management and productivity enhancement. Unlike traditional machine learning models built to handle specific tasks, Generative AI allows businesses to input various types of data into a single large-scale model. This paves the way for wide-ranging insights and responses based on altered prompts, instead of creating distinct models for each task or scenario. This radical shift effectively simplifies operations and decision-making processes for businesses, allowing them to explore various hypotheses swiftly and derive flexible insights without the need for multiple models. In the sales domain, the value brought about by Generative AI is substantial, enhancing employee productivity and enabling a focus on core competencies rather than routine tasks.

With its broad potential, Generative AI isn't confined to sales alone. Its ability to enhance productivity makes it a valuable asset for several other industries and business functions. The technology particularly shines in environments where routine tasks are abundant, such as contact centers. Here, Generative AI aids in relieving workers from mundane tasks, enabling them to focus on improving customer interactions and their core responsibilities. Likewise, healthcare professionals have found value in Generative AI, using it to manage data entries, billing codes, and insurance claims, freeing them to concentrate on patient care. Essentially, Generative AI holds the potential to unlock new levels of efficiency wherever productivity plateaus exist.

Takeaway 3: Optimized Hardware and Software Architectures Play a Critical Role

Successfully implementing Generative AI necessitates an optimized architecture that encompasses both hardware and software. As Generative AI models increase in complexity, it becomes imperative to have robust systems that can efficiently handle these extensive models. This entails the need for expansive farms or clusters of compute units optimized from silicon to UX, to train the models effectively. However, the cost and complexity of training these models can be prohibitive. Nevertheless, strides are being made in the industry to develop affordable and accessible hardware and software capable of tackling the next generation of sophisticated models.


Generative AI represents a significant shift in the landscape of sales and business analytics. It not only enhances productivity but also offers a flexible, wide-ranging approach to business strategies. 

This revolutionary technology extends far beyond traditional machine learning approaches, capable of extracting insights and guiding business decisions from diverse, extensive datasets, rather than relying on individual task-specific models. The rise of Generative AI has completely transformed the landscape of sales, marketing, and various other business functions, providing rapid, flexible insights, and driving business analytics to unprecedented heights.

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