TUE NOV 27 2018

Turn Underperforming Sales Teams into Overachievers With AI

by Trevor Rodrigues-Templar

  No one ever said the sales profession was easy. That’s why it’s so difficult for sales managers to recruit and retain highly productive, professional salespeople. Improving sales performance and stemming the tide of defectors is a hot topic, although managers have few answers or plans to address. The 80 – 20 rule is often cited. According to Inc. Magazine, most sales teams have a few high achievers, and a larger group are lackluster performers. Only a fifth of salespeople usually exceed quota on the average team, which means that 80 % often miss their quota. Why? ·
Only 20% of companies have an accuracy of 80% or better with sales forecasting ·
Nearly 59% of sales forecasts are wrong ·
90% of spreadsheets contain errors that can compromise forecasts ·
Only 4 out of 10 deals forecasted will actually close

Compare Those Stats to Sales Teams That Use AI

10.5x more likely to experience a positive impact on forecast accuracy
70% believe in AI to transform Intelligent Forecasting
66% trust AI to substantially impact Opportunity Insights
65% have high confidence in AI to uncover Account Insights

And, Those That Use Aviso AI

Aviso AI-powered Opportunity Management WinScores, Insights, Maps, and Forecasting help teams focus on which deals have the highest probability to close. That’s why our customers close 20% more deals per quarter than their competitors and experience: ·
90% accuracy predicting wins with AI-driven WinScores ·
90% forecasting accuracy on Day 1 of the Quarter “We use the AI-driven Aviso WinScores and compare them to the forecast category. The sales team now comes to meetings more prepared with action plans to win thanks to Aviso.” – Jay Flanagan, Senior Director of Strategy & Transformation at Dell EMC. Watch this video clip of Jay as he explains how his team relies on Aviso's AI insights to identify and focus on the deals that have the best chance to close, thus ensuring better and more predictable outcomes.

Aviso AI Can Turn Your Sales Team into Superstars

We’re so confident in the accuracy of our AI that we’re willing to prove it. Take the Aviso90 Challenge Free Trial. We’ll score your open opportunities and assign highly accurate WinScores to all of them. If we’re not at least 90% accurate at predicting which deals close we will pay $500 to the charity of your choice. Learn more at info.aviso.com/90-challenge-extra.